Travel The World After Retirement But Do It With The Right Travel Insurance

After years of being a hard worker, it’s time to retire in style and enjoy the gains of pension and social security and other retirement benefits. For most retirees, the chance to finally see the world on a global trip is always one the top items on their list.

If travelling around the world after stopping work is in your bucket list, you need to do it the right way and with the right comprehensive insurance.

If you have reached the retirement age for social security and medicare and managed to save up enough money to do whatever you want, one of the best ways to live life in your latter years is to travel. It’s an experience that will keep you feeling young and vibrant and will open your eyes to many more wonders.

But while spending your retirement travelling is great, you need to ensure you can travel with absolute confidence that you are secured by the right amount of travel insurance coverage.

Not every travel agency offers travel insurance that covers seniors — especially seniors over 65 with pre-existing medical conditions. This is why when seeking insurance that will comprehensively cover you during your travels; you need to ensure the insurance policy contains at least the following features that will ensure your trip’s convenience will not be compromised.

Best cost with best value

According to expert guides from, properly managing your finances and assets after retirement is important. But this doesn’t mean you should compromise quality for costs especially when purchasing insurance.

With travel insurance, what you pay for is usually what you get. So if you pay the lowest price, you’ll probably get the lowest quality. Rather than opting for the cheapest policy, keep an eye out for a policy that is available at a competitive price but still offers the quality of coverage you need. The cheapest policy might not effectively be the best for you.

Travel delay

Another feature to look out for is a policy that covers travel delay and missed departure. This is one sure way to guarantee your peace of mind when preparing for a trip. Missing your flight can lead to huge unforeseen expenses but with this cover, if something unexpected makes you miss your flight or you are delayed for 12 hours (or whichever time limit your insurance provider offers), you can claim compensation from your insurer.

Baggage loss

It’s no secret that luggage unfortunately gets lost or mixed up at the airport a lot. To avoid being in a situation where you lose your baggage and its valuable contents, ensure your travel cover carries a policy that insures you against baggage loss. Not every insurer offers this policy while others offer it as an optional clause that costs extra. So, be sure to verify from the insurance company that this policy is available before signing on.

Medical cover

Travel insurance to provide medicare and this is even more important if you are a senior. While it’s true that finding travel insurance that covers your medical conditions can be tasking, the effort is worth it in the long run. If you ignore this feature and end up with a travel insurance that doesn’t cover your medical conditions, having a medical emergency can lead to you dealing with life changing bills that you didn’t bargain for. Not only can this ruin your entire trip, it could also negatively affect your entire retirement plan.

Customer service

Your travel insurance company should have available 24/7 customer support that you can contact them at any time through a means most convenient for you –  from phone call to email to instant chat. With round the clock support, you can easily and quickly contact your insurance provider in the event of an emergency.

Cancellation and curtailment

Most travel insurance policies have clauses that cover cancellation and curtailment, but this shouldn’t stop you from verifying that your chosen insurance provider offers the same service. Asides from making sure this service is available, be sure to confirm to what value the policy will cover.

Typical policies cover anywhere between £500 and £30,000 in value. This amount refers to unrecoverable costs brought about by a cancellation and what you will be entitled to claim back from the insurer in the event you have to unexpectedly cancel a flight. It’s often better if this policy covers the entire cost of your holiday.

Personal liability cover

This feature will keep you covered if during your travel you end up liable to pay damages because of an accidental bodily injury or loss or damage that you cause a third party during your trip. This policy will cover the costs of such damages.

Policy excesses

When choosing a travel insurance policy, also look out for what excess is applied to making a claim. This refers to the amount that you are required to pay before your insurer can pay out any compensation. In most instances, cheaper policies lead to higher charges on claims. Policies exist that possess excesses of £1,000 and above. Therefore, be sure to get clarification from the insurance provider on this clause.

Other possessions loss

Travel insurance firms can offer you the option of getting cover for particular valuables like your laptop or camera. There are also specific policies that will cover loss or theft of travel documents (like your passport) and cash. Depending on how much risk you choose to take, it’s up to you to decide if these policies are worth it.

In the end, discovering if an insurance company is the right one for you will be proven when it’s time to make a claim. This is why it’s important to check reviews concerning an insurance company so you can get a good idea of how they treat their customers.

You can also verify what exactly the insurance company offers by placing a call to them to verify their policies and how they will affect you. There’s no point signing up for a policy if you don’t properly understand it or how it will benefit you in the long run.

Also, be sure to be very clear and open concerning your medical conditions when discussing your travel cover with a travel insurance firm.

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