The World’s Most Valuable Sports Franchises

To put it simply, a franchise is a licence or permission that allows you to use the name and products of an existing business, as well as the trademark. Franchisees receive the benefits of the franchisor’s brand and have access to other resources such as accounting services and professional advisors. If the idea of investing in a franchise appeals to you, and you are ready to say hello to a world of business propositions and beneficial finances, check out franchises for sale in the UK – you will be sure to find one perfectly suited to your ideas. When it comes to sports, there is a lot of money involved, perhaps more than you could have ever imagined. This infographic explores the world’s most valuable sports franchises, taking factors such as the sport, owner, stadium, and location in to consideration.

You are sure to be familiar with the names mentioned on this infographic and will soon find out just how valuable teams such as the New York Yankees, Manchester United, and Barcelona are. Were you expecting to see figures as high as $4 billion?!

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