Selling your home

House Price Growth Shows Signs of Slowing

October 14, 2021 Charles Knox 0

Though housing prices continue to grow month-on-month, house price growth slowed to 0.1% in September 2021 – a significant drop in growth since the 2% reported the previous month. But why is this happening to […]

Cut Your Bills

How To Clear Your Debts

September 17, 2021 Charles Knox 0

If you are like millions of other British, you have a mountain of unsecured debt. You may owe money to credit card companies, store owners, the IRS, or even your own bank. Whatever the case […]


Five Mistakes To Avoid As a Landlord

July 27, 2021 Charles Knox 0

If you’re a first-time landlord, you’ll have so much to think about when you’re preparing to let out your property. Financial considerations, and understanding the law on lettings, are just two of the subjects you […]