Do I need insurance as a freelancer?

February 27, 2021 webdev 0

Yes, if you`re a freelancer you need insurance to protect yourself from a number of risks. Without the security of being an employee for a company, you could be financially vulnerable. There are different types […]


1:1 Dog Training vs Dog Training Classes

February 10, 2021 webdev 0

While we mostly think of dogs as cute and cuddly, there’s a serious responsibility that comes with owning any animal that can’t be ignored. Training your dog will help teach it the correct way to […]


How To Do Payroll

February 4, 2021 webdev 0

When it comes to managing your bookkeeping, one of the biggest monthly deductions you will need to record is your company payroll. Not only do you need to ensure your cash flow facilitates the paying […]


Bitcoin vs Litecoin

February 4, 2021 webdev 0

Public interest in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, has increased substantially in the past several years and continues to fluctuate. They aren’t inspiring the same hype they did back in 2017, however, the interest has resurged again […]


A Guide to Buying Bitcoin Stock

February 3, 2021 webdev 0

If you’ve ever invested in the stock market, you will be fairly comfortable with Bitcoin because it works almost exactly like the stock market does. The same goes for similar cryptocurrencies. Essentially, the more people […]


All about Bitcoin

February 2, 2021 webdev 0

If you have ever wondered about Bitcoin, considered downloading the Bitcoin Revolution app, heard of the word and want to know more, or whether you know a lot about it and want to touch up […]