1:1 Dog Training vs Dog Training Classes

While we mostly think of dogs as cute and cuddly, there’s a serious responsibility that comes with owning any animal that can’t be ignored. Training your dog will help teach it the correct way to behave, and give it the skills it needs to properly socialise with other dogs and humans. Find dog training near me. 

Two of the most popular training options are 1:1 dog training or dog training classes. One will give your dog individual attention, the other is more about general obedience. Here’s the lowdown on 1:1 dog training vs dog training classes to help you decide what’s right for your pet. 

1:1 Dog Training

As the name suggests, 1:1 training is simply a trainer and your dog (and you of course!). Having that focused, individual attention is ideal if you really want to speed up your pet’s progress. Also, if your dog becomes easily distracted by the sight of other dogs, removing other animals from the equation will help with this. 1:1 training is also better suited for dogs with particular issues, whereby general group training wouldn’t be of much benefit. If you have wondered how much dog training will cost, you can check out this 2021 dog training price guide

There aren’t any other owners joining you for 1:1 training, meaning the price will be far more expensive. Though you have the benefit of knowing the training is going to be more tailored towards your dog, so it could work out as being better value in the long run. Keep in mind that without the presence of other dogs, this means your dog won’t have the chance to socialise with other dogs. This is a skill they’ll need to master to avoid jealousy, aggression, fear etc especially while out on walks. 

1:1 Dog Training Pros

  • The trainer will focus solely on your dog instead of a whole class
  • Sessions can happen in your home at a time that suits
  • Better for timid dogs/young puppies who may find larger dogs overwhelming during socialisation segments

1:1 Dog Training Cons

  • More expensive than dog training classes
  • Can be difficult to gauge effectiveness/their trainer style when you don’t have other dogs in the room
  • No socialisation with other dogs or owners

Dog Training Classes

Training your dog can also be done within a group setting, known as dog training classes. Here, you’ll have a trainer and around 6-8 other dogs and their owners. Dog training classes are ideal for basic obedience training. They are recommended for puppies that are 12 weeks and older so that you can instil the correct behaviours in them from an early age.  

The main downside with training classes is that all eyes are not on your dog. If the other dogs are badly behaved, this could eat into the individual attention your dog receives. You also need to make sure the trainer has excellent command over the class to deal with such interruptions. That being said, most owners head to training classes because they are more affordable than 1:1 training. If you just want to master the basics and your dog isn’t displaying any extreme behaviours then dog training classes can be hugely rewarding. 

Dog Training Classes Pros

  • Affordable compared with 1:1 dog training
  • Ideal to compare your dog’s progress with other animals and pick up on any issues
  • A chance to meet other dogs and owners

Dog Training Classes Cons

  • Lack of individual attention, especially in larger classes
  • Not ideal if dogs/puppies are of vastly different ages
  • Other dogs can be a huge distraction for some dogs

To Sum Up

The choice between 1:1 training and dog training classes comes down to what you as an owner feel would be most appropriate for your goals. If your dog is exhibiting aggressive, possessive or general bad behaviour, then a 1:1 approach may be necessary. You may also prefer 1:1 if you want to train your dog quickly and effectively without the distraction of other dogs in the room.

However for general obedience training, then dog training classes offer value for money and content that tends to work for most owners. Keep in mind though that the more dogs the class has, the less time the trainer will be able to spend working with your dog specifically.

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