At My Finances we don’t need any experienced writer to write and add to our website, but we certainly welcome and need the new writer to contribute to our website. As you submit your commitment to us, you will find that this the most challenging and remunerating and knowledgeable experience for you.

My Finacnces have the best kind of writer who will support and guide you as you contribute to our website and guest post their work on our site. They give you proper advice and feedbacks to help you to grow and persists your career in this field. With the help of their positive feedbacks, you will discover writing tactics and how to communicate your ideas and knowledge with the help of your writing.

This is very helpful and positive platform for you, when you become a guest poster on our organization then you are able to share your ideas and work with your readers around the globe.

Be part of this platform because we want to change the lives of people with good, motivational, educational and inspirational content. Give the chance to millions or thousands of people to read your work.

Experienced Writers are also Welcome

The established community, as well as our readers at My Finances, get benefited from our guest writers. Our readers appreciate the thoughts, ideas, a point of view and their composing styles of writing which they bring to our site. With your submission of different thoughts and commitments, our established community get the advantage by another and new group of people and permit you to interface with new individuals from our group.

Write for Us – What My Finances are Looking for

Before sending you any content or contribution to our site and become our guest writer, take a look at our already posted articles on our website, this will give you an idea about our writing styles and structures and help you to send content which is not same as the articles already posted on our site.

Always make you sure that your writing content and contribution is unique, useful, selective to us. Never try to submit copied articles because we don’t support Plagiarism and check all the submitted work by ourselves.  We don’t allow republishing of recommendations, but if you wish to distribute all alone individual site consent ought to be looked for first.

Keep in mind to check the grammar, spelling, and punctuations, this makes an incredible piece of writing. You can also include relevant words in your contribution so people use to search the title you use in your writing. You can also create an impact by adding some interesting lines or punchy title to make you writing stand out with relevant information and knowledge data close to the start of the writing.

My finances acknowledge a scope of proposals from guest writers that are from 500 to 1500 words, and if suitable you can also include relevant pictures and links according to your content. Such as Unique photographic symbolism draws attentions of readers towards your writing, these images will engage your readers and motivate them to read more amounts of data you will offer in your writing.

Contact Us If You Want to Write for My Finances

If you wanted to share your writing with the world out there, now this is very easy to get your message out to thousands of people worldwide. Simply email your guest articles and blogs at Email, and become our guest writer.

Kindly, contact us on Phone, if you have any kind of inquiry, or you need more information regarding our community or composing and writing your contribution to our site.

At, it is our goal to help our readers make the best financial decisions, and we welcome writers who can help us keep achieving that and in greater degrees. Our readers would love to learn from your experience, expertise, knowledge, and challenges faced in your financial journey. We welcome people with financial expertise and experience to join us at as guest writers.

Can you provide financial news that affect the day to day life of our readers? Can you create content that breaks down money matters to the simplest level? Do you feel confident that what you know about finances can truly be beneficial to other people? Do you want to create content that can help other people make good financial decisions? Do you want your pieces on money matters to be read widely by as many as 50,000 people? If your answer is yes, then you are exactly the kind of writer we are looking for!

Here Is What You Need To Do

We invite anyone interested in being a writer with us at to submit a post which we can evaluate. Please write a post that explains a financial principle, covers news of a new financial trend, or that relates a financial strategy to the layman’s daily life and send it to us. Be aware that these are just suggested guidelines and are not a limit on what topic you can write on. We welcome creativity in our writers so you are free to explore any niche and topic on financial matters and write on it.

Send in your post to our team at We advise that you send us links to previous posts you have written before now alongside the post. We prefer that they be posts that have been published on third party finance related website blogs or sites but, if you have none of such, you can send us a link to posts on your own blog. If you have neither of the above, we are open to reading posts that you have not published anywhere before, and you can attach them to the email as well.

Fill out my online form.

Wait, Before You Send In That Mail…

We are particular about the kind of content we present to our readers and about ensuring that we meet our goal of helping them make informed financial decisions. As a result, there are some general things we look out for in the posts our writers submit, as we bear in mind that a great percentage of our readers are not financial experts. For the benefit of everyone that visits and reads, we prefer posts that:

  • break down technical details into layman’s English.
  • are not overly long and that are easy to understand.
  • do not use long, convoluted sentences.

You are free to send us an email if you have any further questions you would like us to answer or if you have some grey areas you want us to throw light on. Send off your email to us at and we will get right back to you.