How to Save Money On Your Daily Driving

Buying a car is obviously a huge cost to cover, but the real damage is often with the running costs which you have to cover every single month. Fuel, road tax, insurance and maintenance can all eat into your finances and make it difficult to afford keeping a car on the road. So, how can you make savings?

Fuel Saving

Fuel is a major cost to cover, especially for those that spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Obviously, choosing a car with high MPG is important and can make a big difference to how much you are spending at the pump. You can also make savings on fuel by walking/cycling where possible, not revving when you start the car and using higher gears with lower revs – driving at 40mph in 4th will use less than driving 40 in 2nd, for example.

Look After Your Tyres

Tyres can have a huge bearing on many important factors, including efficiency, performance and safety. In terms of costs, you will find that old, inefficient tyres will reduce your MPG while low-quality tyres may need replacing often and the cost of constantly topping up the pressure will add up. Choosing a set of high-quality tyres will last you for a much longer lifespan, give you the best MPG for your car and improve performance. Just be sure to check the tread depth and tyre pressure often.


A car that is well-maintained is one that will run efficiently and should prevent any major repairs being required. There is a lot of basic maintenance that you can do yourself throughout the year to keep your costs down, but you should also make sure that you stick to your service schedule – although this is a cost, it could end up saving you a fortune as it could stop small problems from becoming major issues.


Having to pay through the teeth for parking is always frustrating, which is why you should always research parking options ahead of time and try to find somewhere that is cheap or free. Look at the government parking guidelines for your area and see if there is a cheaper solution, such as parking permits. Additionally, always be careful when parking to make sure that you are abiding by the rules – parking ticket fines can ruin your day and eat into your finances!

Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas for ways that you can make savings on your driving. Keeping a car on the road can be a huge cost each month, but there are always ways to make savings that could make a big difference to your financial health in both the short and long term.

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