Dr Thomson Mpinganjira Retires from FDH Financial Holdings

With effect from 1st September 2020, Dr Thomson Mpinganjira retired from FDH Financial Holdings, after leading the company and its subsidiaries to considerable success in Malawi’s finance industry.

In 1999, Dr Mpinganjira laid the foundations for his financial empire, founding First Discount House. Thomson Mpinganjira served as the organisation’s Managing Director until 2007, when he began the process of establishing FDH Bank, serving as Managing Director for one year.

Group restructuring exercises in 2007 saw the creation of FDH Financial Holdings Limited, which replaced First Discount House as the banking group’s holding company. Today, FDH Financial Holdings incorporates several subsidiaries, including First Discount House, FDH Bank plc, and FDH Money Bureau Limited.

The retirement follows fulfilment of Dr Mpinganjira’s considerable ambition and vision in conceiving First Discount House in 1999. Following the successful listing of FDH Bank plc on the Malawi Stock Exchange, Dr Thomson Mpinganjira explained that he considered his work done, acknowledging that it was time to move on.

FDH Bank is the first publicly listed Malawian company to have been founded by an indigenous Malawian. Dr Mpinganjira created the bank with the ultimate vision of leaving behind a legacy to outlive him, serving generations of Malawians to come; the goal has been realised through the growth of the FDH Financial Holdings group, which today provides jobs for over 800 Malawians.

A well-known philanthropist, Dr Mpinganjira has gained both local and international recognition, including being listed in Madison’s Who’s Who. In 2015, he received the Outstanding Corporate Leader Africa Award from Capital Finance International. The following year, Dr Mpinganjira was honoured by the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, who presented him with their Large-Scale Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He was also recently shortlisted by the All-Africa Business Leaders Awards in their Entrepreneur of the Year and Business Leader of the Year categories for Southern Africa.

After a 21-year career pioneering Malawi’s finance and banking sector, Dr Mpinganjira has created a lasting legacy of philanthropy and compassion, helping Malawians in need. He famously pledged a personal commitment to providing a home and livelihood for one Dowa woman who lost her hands some years previously in an attack by her estranged husband.

Following his retirement, Dr Mpinganjira will devote himself to the Thomson and Barbara Mpinganjira Foundation, continuing his philanthropic work. Announcing Dr Mpinganjira’s retirement, Noel Mkulichi, Board Chairman of FDH Financial Holdings Limited, wished Dr Mpinganjira all the best with his future endeavours, expressing the Board’s appreciation for the vision and hard work that had led to the growth of FDH Financial Holdings.


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