Simple Ways To Save Money On A Night Out And Still Have Fun

Love to go out into town for a night out? Love to have a few drinks and a dance? At the end of a bust and stressful week, it can be the perfect thing to do relax and have fun. However, this comes at a price, a financial one. A night out can seriously blow your finances, especially when you are on a budget. We take a look at some practical ways that you can save money on a night out.m

Stock Up On Food

If you are the sort of person that tends to get the munchies when drunk then this isn’t the best thing for your wallet. Buying that pizza or kebab after a night out might seem the best idea in the world at the time, but your bank account won’t thank your for it, and neither miht your stomach in the morning!

Therefore, avoid the munchies by eating a proper meal before you go out. Ideally, this should be packed full of carbohydrates which will help you avoid the need to pig out on fatty, unhealthy and expensive takeaways before you get home.


If you’re one of those people who can’t face eating a big meal before you go out on a big night out then you can always pre-prepare your food for when you get home. Having a fantastic home cooked meal ready to warm up when you get home is miles better than a takeaway and most importantly for your bank account, much, much cheaper too!

Drink At Home

We don’t mean stay at home completely instead of going on a night out, we mean just stay in your house drinking for a while before you go out. Buying alcohol in a supermarket is much cheaper than buying it in a pub, bar or club. For example, a 70cl bottle of branded vodka is about £15, but opt for a supermarket own brand and you can get one for about £10. That will give you 10 doubles or a whopping 20 single vodkas, all for £10! Imagine how much all that would cost in a pub, club or bar! Once you and your friends have had a few drinks, you can then go off into town knowing that you’ve saved yourself a heap of money.

Try Other Places

If you’re a regular city centre goer on a night out, then you’ll be aware that prices can be pretty high just for the most straightforward drinks. Have you ever thought about having your night out elsewhere? Just by heading out of town, you can save substantially on the price of drinks. If you can afford to repay it, try Cobra payday loans which would allow you some leeway until the following month. If you’re willing to consider social clubs and similar, you can also save further, as they often have very cheap drinks prices. If you still love the buzz of the centre of town, look for chains such as Wetherspoons who have regular offers on the prices of all drinks.

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