Five Ways to Cut Costs while in College

College is expensive. It is like a star-cruising with a giant vacuum that aims at siphoning every last dollar from your pocket. College years are your first steps into adulthood. If you don’t want to head directly into debts, as you build your future, you will need to learn a few tips for cost-cutting. That is because the tuition fee is half your overall expenditure costs. While the other half include expenses such as room, clothes, toiletries, and entertainment. You need to learn how to cut on “other costs.” Below are savvy tricks to reducing your college costs while maximizing your college experience.

  1. Reduce Your Living Expenses

Some institutions encourage students in the first or second year to live in the hostels. Unfortunately, you may not be in a position to save much if your school has such a requirement. Avoid going for the one-person luxury rooms. It will ensure you save money while living on campus. If you are in a position to live off-campus, explore various living arrangements. You can live at home in case it’s close by as it will save you lots of money.

  1. Cut Your Food Costs

Most campuses, such as the University of Bournemouth, offer huge money savings on the cost of food. Alternatively, you can prepare your meal, which will prove to be way cheaper than the meal plan. It is also less expensive than eating out for every meal. Eating out with friends is fun, but it can mess up your budget.

Master the recipe for a few meals. That way, it will take less will power to prepare your meals. Ensure you plan your meals so that you can shop in bulk. It is a great money and time-saving strategy. Also, consider investing in a slow cooker. It will make meal preparation simple.

  1. Consider Used Items

As it is the first time you are living in your place, it can be tempting to pamper your room with lots of new furniture. However, you should consider investing in used furniture when possible. Invest in refurbished computers, second-hand clothes and furniture will save you so much. You should also rent or buy used textbooks.

  1. Find Ways to Reduce Your Expenditure

If you have never had a budget before, now is the time. A budget will help you plan your money so that you can reap maximum benefits from each penny. It also reduces wastage. Ensure you set aside money for entertainment. Also, you can attend free concerts and events with friends.

Consider loading up on the dirty laundry. It will help you wash a few times, which can save you water. Most apartments add up utilities in the monthly cost, thus saving water or electricity will be a money saver in the long run.

  1. Cut on Transport Costs

Since most colleges are in centers, you may not need the car while going for grocery shopping. It may be faster to drive to various destinations. However, you will save so much money by taking public transport. Besides, taking the bus or train is better for the environment.

Most college students graduate with student loans. Avoid getting there by applying the above tips.


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