What should your compensation from a medical negligence claim cover?

For anyone who has suffered due to medical negligence, the road to recovery can be a long and challenging one. It’s not just about overcoming the impact of the injury or illness either. In visiting a healthcare professional, it’s only natural to expect to get a certain level of care. If that doesn’t happen, it can have a significant emotional and financial effect.

If this happens to you or a loved one, you are entitled to ask for compensation in recognition of the pain and suffering caused. In these instances, no win no fee solicitors can help you support your medical negligence claim and earn you the funds you may need in the future. So, what should the compensation from your medical negligence claim cover?

Recovery and rehabilitation

One of the most essential things to consider after an injury/illness caused by clinical negligence is your recovery and rehabilitation. What’s required will obviously depend on the circumstances. A serious brain injury, for example, can call for a lengthy rehabilitation. Some injuries, however, might only demand a small amount of treatment before a full recovery can be made.

The care, rehabilitation, and treatment that someone might require can sometimes be specialist in nature. As such, it could cost a lot of time and money to help rebuild. A successful negligence claim can provide the funds necessary to receive that specialist treatment. And, in doing so, you get the best chance of making the fullest recovery possible.

Costs incurred and earnings lost

The cost of treatment isn’t the only financial impact of medical negligence. It’s entirely possible that you’ll make return trips to a hospital or other place of care in order to receive ongoing treatment for the illness or injury caused. That means paying for fuel or public transport – as well as any potential overnight accommodation.

In addition to the costs, there is the potential for lost income. An injury or illness can make it hard – if not impossible – for someone to return to work. A compensation claim will always recognise any costs and losses you incur as a result of your medical negligence experience. And any claim will reflect that in a way that’s unique to you and your situation.

Home adjustments and mobility aids

Other costs that medical negligence compensation can cover include any home adjustments or mobility aids that are required. This is usually only necessary where the nature of the injury or illness is really serious. A severe spinal injury, for example, can leave someone unable to walk. As such, it might mean making sure the home is accessible with widened doorways or ramps.

The important thing to remember is that a medical negligence compensation claim has several purposes. First, it’s about recognising the pain and suffering you’ve been caused. Next, it’s the impact it has on your life. Your compensation award reflects both elements – and in a way that is shaped by your unique experience. Therefore, it can be used for anything you need it to be.

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