How to make the most of your money when you’re travelling

Taking a trip can be a lot of fun, but after shopping for souvenirs and going on excursions, you may find that your money is getting low. How can you save money when you’re traveling? What is the best way to stretch the money you have as far as possible?

Keeping your money safe

Keeping your money safe when you’re travelling can be the first way to ensure that you have enough money for your trip. Unfortunately, theft does happen, so make sure you are sensible and be discreet. Many travellers carry a travel pouch on them in which they store their most important belongings, such as their passport, bank cards and cash. A pouch like this is typically carried around the neck and is tucked in underneath a t-shirt, sweater or jacket.

Book ahead of time

Booking early can help you save money. Especially if you take the time to book a month in advance will allow you to discover some of the best prices. This way you will have more funds available while you’re travelling and can spend more on that souvenir or boat trip. Some services make planning ahead easy. Taking advantage of rail cards can make your trip up to 1/3 cheaper, according to an article explaining the comforts of a trip with the Wakefield to Doncaster train.

Choose a different date or time

Picking a different flight or booking a train on another day can make a big difference. Even if you only push your trip back a day, you could end up spending a lot less on your ticket. The best way to find out is to simply try it. Try entering a different date for your departure and/or your return and watch the prices change. Sometimes they change significantly, other times you will only see a small difference. Avoiding busy times when everybody tends to go on holiday can also reduce the price of your trip immensely. Many families leave on the first day of summer holidays, which can make tickets on this day incredibly expensive. You may find some of the best fares when travelling in October instead of in the summer months.

Finding ways to stretch your money as far as possible will make your holiday much more enjoyable.


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