How to know when it’s time to give your business a facelift

Your brand image can impact every aspect of your business – from the products you sell to the people who work for you. Your visual identity as a brand is much more than just a logo and business card. You need to think about your company values, missions and long-term goals – and how you can implement these into a visual identity.

It can be easy to get distracted by the day-to-day life of running your own business. However, your brand image is an integral part of your company, and it should reflect your growth as a team.

Here are a few things to consider if you think it might be time to give your company a facelift.

Step back and assess what you can change

Companies often rebrand and change their focus in the first few years. Launching a company is a big deal, and sometimes your mission or products can go in an unexpected direction. If you have changed your company focus, you need to alter your visual identity to reflect that. For example, if you are a gel nail polish specialist your logo could include nails, paint and a pop of colour.

Consider the competition

It can take a few years to define who you are as a brand and how you can stand out from the competition. Your logo and brand identity need to be distinguishable from your competitors. What makes you different? Could you change your brand colours? The business industry is extremely populated at the moment and very competitive. Customers should be able to identify you from your brand image.

Update your website

In the beginning, companies are likely to skimp on their budget for web design and social media. Once you are an established company, your website needs to be professional, responsive and updated. Your online identity should be cohesive with your physical identity – for example, incorporate the colours and graphics used on your product packaging into your online presence.

Try a new space

If you’ve been occupying the same studio or office space for a while, it might be time for a change. Sometimes your team needs a fresh start and new environment to get their creativity and motivation back. You can decorate your new office space with your new graphics, colour palette and logo.

A brand’s visual identity should not be overlooked. Take a step back, examine your logo and ask yourself if it really reflects your company values.

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