How to Financially Prepare For a Move

Happy young woman moving to new home - having fun

Buying and moving into a new home is among the most exciting yet stressful times’ anyone has to experience in their lives. There are a lot of details to take care of, especially the money aspect. You need to save up for a down payment, secure financing, and pay for closing costs. Then there is the logistical part, where you need to figure out how to move all your belongings. Do you call your friends for help or pay a moving company to haul all your stuff? There are plenty of things that need to be done to get through the moving process. Here are some essential tips to help you prepare financially for the big change.

Set your budget

Once you have everything planned out, you need to make a checklist for moving home so you can sum up the costs for the whole relocation process. Take into account the amount that you will need to ship everything. You need to set money aside for packing materials, renting the truck, storage costs, insurance, and so on. Understand which expenses need to be added or deleted. Having a moving budget together with a checklist will help you analyze all the costs so that you do not spend too much on your moving.

Sell stuff you do not need

Before moving, start gathering the items around the house or apartment you no longer need and sell them before the moving date. By doing this, you’ll have extra cash to help furnish the new house or cover unexpected expenses. Donate what you cannot sell to a charity organization, and ask for the receipt for tax deduction purposes. As the weight of your possessions is considerably reduced, your moving costs will also be reduced.

Buy in bulk.

Affordable packing supplies can be easily availed through online. Most online stores give discounts if you buy in bulk and in advance. Try to get the cheapest deal on moving boxes, packing tapes as well as other supplies. You can save more if you use some household items as moving supplies. For wrapping breakables, you can use crumpled newspaper instead of bubble wraps. For padding, you can use your own sheets, blankets, and area rugs instead of renting them from the moving company. Be creative, and you will find yourself packed with savings.

Track your expenditure and Save more

Once you have decided to move, it is crucial to keep your spending to a minimum and save as much cash as you can. Tracking each purchase will let you know how much you can save and where you stand financially. With huge savings, you will be prepared for the move, and the relocation will be much easier.

Update your bills

Contact your gas, electric, water, internet, and other utility companies to have your service disconnected. Inform them that you will be moving and will not be requiring their services on your address. It will save you some money if you do this right and on time. Be sure to clear all unpaid bills and collect deposits from your former landlord, clubs, libraries, and so on.

Moving is expensive, but it does not need to cost you a lot. With a little effort, careful planning, creativity, and ample time you can save yourself a few hundred dollars on your next move.

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