A Short Profile of Dylan Taylor

Dylan Taylor, former Colliers CEO, is an investor in space exploration and a founding partner of Morgan Brook Capital. Morgan Brook Capital is a Denver-based family office investment firm that focuses on early-stage investments within the space economy.

Dylan Taylor also founded Space for Humanity, a global non-profit organisation that promotes a culture of interconnectedness to expand access to spaceflight. Space for Humanity’s Citizen Astronaut Program is open to applicants from across the globe, providing them with an opportunity to participate in the world’s first Citizen Astronaut Mission. Led by a diverse group of individuals, this all-expenses-paid journey into space will enable citizens to experience the Overview Effect and return to complete a fellowship to positively impact Earth.

The Overview Effect is a shift in perception experienced by many people who have travelled into space. Many astronauts find it difficult to articulate just how awe-inspiring and magical the experience of space travel really is. To look down on the Earth, seeing its diversity and astounding beauty, is an experience one can never truly be prepared for. As Syrian astronaut Muhammed Ahmed Faris explains, looking at the Earth from space, without the scars of national boundaries, is indescribably beautiful.

Many astronauts experience a radical shift in consciousness, which can be deeply emotional, promoting a sense of connectedness, both with each other, and with the Earth itself. Traditionally, this experience has been reserved for professional astronauts. Space for Humanity provides ordinary citizens with the unique opportunity to experience it too.

Dylan Taylor was the first private citizen to manufacture an item in space. In February 2017, he commissioned a 3D-printed gravity meter that was manufactured on the International Space Station in a significant advancement of space exploration.

A philanthropist and global business leader, Dylan Taylor is a pioneer of the space industry. He currently serves as Voyager Space Holding’s CEO and Chairman. He has been cited by the BBC, CNBC, Pitchbook, SpaceNews, and Harvard University as playing a pivotal role in the expansion of the private space industry.

As an early investor in more than 50 emerging space ventures, including York, Astrobotic, Kepler, Accion, Relativity, and Planet, Dylan Taylor is considered by many to be the world’s most active private space investor. His global business experience, technical background, and passion for space afford Dylan Taylor a unique edge in the industry. He regularly writes on the future of the space economy for ROOM, Apogeo Spatial, and SpaceNews.

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