The Best Online Selling Sites To Help You Make Cash From Your Trash

Decluttering is known to benefit your health in many ways including; helping you to boost your focus, experience lower levels of stress and even see better levels of self-esteem. Even better is the fact that if you use an online selling site you can not only see health benefits from chucking out your stuff, but you get some cash in your pocket too!


To help you declutter and make some money in the process, here are some of the best online selling sites to consider:




Vinted has quite a young database of users and the focus is on selling and buying clothes, accessories and toys. You can also buy items like makeup or items for the home on the site as well.


As a buyer you pay a Buyer Protection Fee, but as a seller you don’t pay any of the money made from the sale of your items to Vinted.




Music Magpie is a fantastic way to get some money for items you commonly can’t sell on, or that won’t bring in much money sold piece by piece. They take books, tech, CD’s DVD’s, games and mobile phones. They will also take bulk technical items, so if you’re clearing out your business self storage unit it could be a good site to consider. They simply give you an offer for the item you want to sell, and once you agree, you send it to them and once approved you get the money agreed.




Depop charges a 10% fee on every item sold, including shipping amounts. There is, however, no fee for listing and the percentage charged is a flat rate, regardless of the value of the item you are selling.

The site has a focus on selling clothes and shoes, and quite a young database. However, you can sell books, accessories and other items on the site.




eBay has over £150 million active buyers so it’s a fantastic place for listing your items to be posted, or collected. As it stands sellers pay at least 12.8% of the total sale amount and then listing fees and other applicable fees you choose. You can sell absolutely anything apart from the EBay prohibited items and you’re guaranteed a huge audience of willing buyers. The only important thing to remember is that the search terms are really important on the site, so make sure you get those right (look at listings of items like yours for inspiration) so your items get seen.




Shpock enables you to list items for sale to local buyers primarily, but you can also now list a postage fee for people who want the items sent to them. It is free to list and sell items but buyers can pay extra for Buyer Protection, and you can pay for premium features on the site.




Gumtree is used for selling but you don’t have any protection at all because it is all for local buying and selling with cash. It can still be a good, simple choice if you want to list your stuff on multiple sites to gain exposure. Just be sure not to give out any personal details on your listing, and check potential buyers out before arranging a meet to sell.


Quid Bid


Quid Bid operates on Facebook in local groups and you list items for sale locally. The auction has to start at a pound and can only go up in pounds and 50p’s. This is the site to use to get rid of lots of items of low worth that you don’t just want to gift to a charity shop because you could do with the cash yourself. For example; clearing out a self storage unit by Storing of multiple items you know add up in value when sold individually.

Facebook Marketplace


Facebook Marketplace has taken off over the last few years as a part of Facebook that allows you to list items for sale to local buyers. It costs nothing to sell to individuals and it is free to be on Facebook as an individual as well. It’s a really good option when you’re decluttering because so many people use the platform for socialising and to browse the Marketplace so there’s a willing audience of potential buyers there to show your wares to.




WeBuyBooks buy items from you at a price offered by them and accepted by you. They accept textbooks, fiction and nonfiction books, second hand and new books. They also offer a book recycling service which is useful if you have a lot of books you know are not saleable but you also don’t want them to go to landfill. You can also sell CD’s, DVD’s and games to WeBuyBooks.

The price may not be what you will get by selling each item privately, but the convenience of the service could be worth taking a hit on the price depending on your circumstances.




HEWI stands for Hardly Ever Worn It and their focus is on designer products like shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories for all sizes and ages. The way it works is you create a profile for free, post the item and list when you bought it and the HEWI team has to approve your listing before it goes live. Once it goes live your item can be purchased and HEWI gets 18% of the sale price. This might seem steep but people use the site to make sure that they are getting the real deal so you’re paying for that approval from the site itself, as well as the customer database they have.


You’re Ready To Make Some Cash Selling Your Stuff!


Whether you’re clearing out your cheap self storage unit, or getting your house organised and more spacious, the sites above can help you bank bucks from selling your stuff. How much will you make clearing out your things?



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