How Shipping Insurance Can Help You With Shipping Parcels To China

Shipping insurance has been utilized by businesses for decades to keep their packages safe when sending parcels to China. Shipping coverage plans can be purchased at a cost based on the level of insurance you desire. The higher the level of protection you require, the more expensive your coverage will be.

You should always purchase a shipping insurance plan if you are sending something of significant value.

The internet is filled with horror stories of people who have lost the items they were shipping to China and in turn, took major financial losses. Package forwarding services can provide you access to insurance and a global outlet of retailers.

Although shipping insurance is primarily used in the business sector, it has now become commonplace in the industry.  Individuals can take advantage of this savvy maneuver to keep their packages safe and reduce the risk of economic losses due to lost or damaged packages.

The Risks of International Shipping

When you ship a package internationally, you must follow certain rules and regulations in order to ensure your item does not violate the laws of the place you are shipping from or shipping to. A simple search of the local Custom’s website will give you a better insight into what is considered a prohibited item. There are also a number of agencies that will come in contact with your parcel. This can include:

  • Custom Agents
  • Shipping Company Staff
  • Local Mail Delivery Services

Considering the number of packages being shipped to China and a number of people that handle these packets, it is a smart maneuver to add some sort of protection to your shipped items.

Filing a Shipping Insurance Claim

A shipping insurance claim can be someone’s only way to receive financial compensation in the event that their parcel does not arrive or is damaged upon arrival. You will need to provide proof of the value of the item and proof that this item was sent. Once your claim is reviewed, your compensation will be decided based on the unique circumstances of your incident. The smart move is to use a package forwarding service combined with a good shipping insurance. This way you get protection and accountability in one move.

Package Forwarding Companies

Companies such as ShipW have pioneered the personal package forwarding industry and created an easy to use service that is sure to broaden your horizons. When shopping your favorite online retailers, international shipping isn’t always an option, and without a parcel forwarding service, you may find it impossible to get access to US retailers that do not ship packages to China. That was before the innovative minds at ShipW came up with their ingeniously easy package forwarding system. Let’s take a moment to examine how a package forwarding service works.

How a Package Forwarding Company Works

Package forwarding services can work differently but for this discussion will be talking about ShipW, as they are considered the industry leader. International parcel forwarding companies operate by providing you an in-country address. This address can be used when placing orders online. Since you now have a private address, you can get access to all of the stores you prefer. Shipping from the US to China isn’t always an option, so going this route may be the only way for someone to get access to the products they are seeking.

How to Get Started – ShipW

The sign up is easy and takes less than five minutes to complete. Just visit and click the create account button. You will be prompted to enter in your personal information and create your account. Once this account is verified via email, you will be provided a United States shipping address to use for your online purchases. This address will give you domestic access to all of the US retailers you desire. Shop for your items, and as they arrive at your ShipW address, you will be notified via email.

You have access to some unique options as well. You can choose to have your package returned if it is not the correct item or forwarded to your address. Perhaps one of the best features is the ability to have all of your items repackaged into a single item to save on shipping costs. You can also receive pictures of your items to ensure they are the correct item you ordered before forwarding. In less than five minutes you can gain access to the US retailers that you desire. There are some significant financial benefits gained through this access that can save you thousands of dollars on your next purchases.

Why You Need a Package Forwarding Company

There are more reasons than just wanting to shop US retailers to consider a package forwarding company. Retailers adjust their product’s pricing depending on the location it is being sent. For example, baby items are significantly less expensive in the US during the summer months versus the rest of the world. You can save a ton of money by shopping during these times in the US market. Nearly all products have some sort of price fluctuation based on their prime retail months; now you can get access to these deeply discounted prices.

International Parcel Forwarding – Shipping US to China

Shipping packages from the US to China has never been easier. If you are tired of overpaying for products because you live in China, start saving today by utilizing the unique services an international package forwarding firm can provide.

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