Secured Loans to Benefits Financing Your Modern Solar Home

An excellent way to protect yourself from the increases that occur in energy prices is to install home solar panels. According to most economists, energy prices are on the rise and will continue to increase over the next few years; this makes now an excellent time to install solar panels in your home.

Financing the Solar Benefits

As you will read below, there are huge financial and environmental benefits for installing modern solar on your property. You may have the required funds in savings or able to afford things anyway. But for those that don’t due to the excellent benefits it is a wise move to look at secured loans these are loans that are tied to your property. You can get great rates that are locked and compare them like for like with the financial savings you will make. And then look at all the extra value that you will be building into your home. Let’s look at some of the benefits now.

Help Close the Trading Gap

Since the United Kingdom largely depends on foreign oil, by installing solar panels in your home, you help stimulate the economy, and you also help lessen the trading gap because more money will be kept within the UK.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Even though there is no exact answer or solution to global climate changes, solar home systems do help lessen carbon emissions. And while it does take an initial carbon investment to make solar panel systems, the carbon they eliminate through their usage is very environmentally-friendly.

Decrease Toxic Pollutants

Furthermore, not only do solar home systems help decrease carbon dioxide, but they also help keep other types of toxic pollutants from entering into the atmosphere. The production of many types of energy includes the burning of natural gases, fossil fuels, coal, and oil; however, when using solar panels, no harmful gases are emitted into the air.

Reduce Your Utility Bills

Another great advantage related to installing home solar panels is that it can help reduce your utility bills. In fact, for every pound that you are able to save, it is estimated that your home’s value will increase by fifty pounds; this means if you are able to save one thousand pounds on your utility bills over a period of a year, the overall value of your home will increase by up to twenty thousand pounds.

Make Money & Government Grants

Through the use of home solar panels, at times your electric meter will run backwards because your home will be producing more energy than what you are using. At these times, you are making money because you are selling electricity back to the company that supplies you with electric. Government grants for solar energy are changing all the time it’s worth checking out the current situation.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Used to heat swimming pools, domestic water or both, a solar hot water system can cut a household’s water heating bills by more than 50 percent. Insulated, weather-proof boxes called flat-plate collectors passively absorb heat from the sun and transfer that heat to a liquid solution. Pipes carry the heated solution for an insulated tank. The heated solution then heats water in a water tank. Solar hot water systems are eligible for rebates and tax credits through incentive programs offered on the federal, state and local level.

Solar Outdoor Lighting

Whether to light a path for family and friends to find their way to a front door easily, to add lighting for outdoor evening entertaining or to provide a measure of security for the home, solar lights offer an inexpensive solution for outdoor lighting. Small solar panels in the products recharge included batteries. Most solar lighting products have sensors that enable them to turn on when the sun goes down and turn off again when it rises. Some have sensors that flip lights on when motion is detected. As they require no additional wiring, solar outdoor lights are as easy to install as they are kind to the environment.


Due to the high level of savings and vast environmental benefits modern solar is definite for energy-conscious homeowners.














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