Property-Value-Increasing Investments you can Make

If you’ve bought a property with the intention of selling it on, then you might already have considered spending a little bit of money on your purchase. While many buyers are looking for a ‘fixer upper’ that they can put their own spin on, many are looking instead for something that will provide the required

Energy Efficiency

If a property is cheaper to run, then potential buyers will be willing to pay more for it upfront. There are also environmental reasons to prefer a property that’s energy-efficient.

Your energy performance certificate might suggest ways in which the performance of the property can be improved. Generally speaking, adding roof insulation to your loft will tend to represent the greatest value. You should think about ventilation before you insulate, however, especially if you’re modifying an older property.

Kitchen Renovations

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the most important room on the property. It’s a place where food is prepared and consumed. But it’s also a hub of creativity, especially if you’re trying to get the most from your cooking. A kitchen also tends to be a social hub. Increasingly, homeowners are knocking through between kitchens and dining areas – so, where this is a viable option, it’s something to consider. Your choice of the appliance might matter, too – but this tends to be something that’s best left to the people who will ultimately live in the house.


Extending the footprint of a home tends to involve the biggest hassle and up-front expense. However, it can increase the overall value of a property by as much as a fifth. Conservatories tend to rank among the most popular kinds of extension, but others might become popular in the future. Home offices, for example, might prove indispensable to professionals who are looking to work from home.

Loft Conversions

If there’s space overhead, then you might as well make the best possible use of it. Make sure that you have a reputable firm in to carry out the conversion, as there’s a great deal that might potentially go wrong.

If your loft space isn’t quite generous enough to accommodate an extra room, then you might use it purely for storage. In this way, you’ll free up space elsewhere in the home, and thereby make it seem that little bit larger.

Garden Makeover

There’s a big difference between a plain lawn and a well-thought-out garden with a patio and a few choice flowerbeds. Come up with a plan for your garden that’s a good match for the size of the plot. Don’t try to incorporate anything divisive or inflexible – after all, your buyers are all going to want to use the patio in their own distinct ways.

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