Most popular stocks in December

December is a key month in regards to finance and the value of stocks. The reason for this is, it is coming to the end of the last financial quarter of the year and there are some big holidays to consider, that will in turn have an effect on the bullish or bearish trends of stocks. People also tend to spend more money this time of year which directly correlates to the values we will be mentioning.

After looking at hundreds of stocks, exchanges and CFD trading providers such as Skilling, we have selected only a few that we suspect will see big gains as this financial quarter comes to an end. Continue reading to see our choice of the most popular stocks in the month of December, and how you can get ahead of the curve with some smart investments.

DraftKings (DKNG)

This is an American daily fantasy sports betting website. They are an official partner to the NFL and was established back in 2012. Currently their stock is valued at $52.75. This stock has grown tremendously in recent months. At the end of last year, they were trading at around $10 which shows that this stock is quite volatile, but the bullish trend over the last year has it as a solid pick heading into 2021. They do not currently offer a dividend to the shareholders, but have a market cap of $20.663 billion.

DraftKings is currently quite an expensive stock, however, we believe that it could be a budget price in comparison to what It could be valued at by this time next year. The growing sports betting industry will only serve to increase its value as more people get involved with online betting on a global scale.

WorkHorse Group (WKHS)

This is an American manufacturing company that specialises in EV delivery and utility vehicles. The growing popularity of electric powered vehicles has seen in the past year, their stock has risen 800%. Currently their stock is valued at $27.18. At the start of the year they were valued in the single digits, we witnessed a massive bullish trend in June 2020 and have stabilised their upwards trend since then. WorkHorse has a market cap of $3.27 billion and currently they do not offer a dividend to shareholders.

At a first glance, this stock does not look like it will be profitable. However, if you consider that they are currently trying to strike a deal with the US Postal service worth over $6 billion to supply them with delivery trucks, it is easy to see that if they land the contract, that they will see impressive gains across the board and on their balance sheet.

Facebook (FB)

This is a social media platform that almost everyone has used for the past decade. They own businesses like Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus and many more. They are also one of the world’s largest advertising platforms. They are currently valued at $277.81; the stock saw a massive dip in price at the start of the global pandemic, but quickly recovered in just a couple of months. Facebook has a market cap of $791.283 billion and they do not pay out a dividend.

They currently have a profit margin of 32.01%. For quarter three, Facebook’s revenue was up by 23% from this time last year which shows incredible growth, even for a company that is already so large. A lot of this growth is due to its advertising platforms. As more people stay at home, they are either utilising these advertising platforms or being targeted by them.

The markets will continue to display volatility, but nevertheless, those are our top picks of the most popular stocks in the month of December. As the world is adapting to using cleaner energy and staying at home more, we will see these stocks exhibit bullish trends in the next financial year. As a growing number of people become more aware of our impact on the world, these stocks will only become more popular as time goes by.


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