How to Manage Your Business Moving Costs in London

Moving your business to a new location is not something which should be undertaken lightly. Just as moving home takes a lot of time and energy, so does moving office. Here are some of the things you should do for effective management of the situation and a successful move.

Inform Your Clients

A small note to your major clients about the move is a professional way to let them know that the move is going to be taking place. They don’t need to know the full details but it can be helpful so they know that you might not be the most responsive on the day of the move itself. It will also look good on your part as it will help you to explain why there might be some changes to your production schedule. If you can create a clear plan of action between you and your clients so their needs aren’t majorly affected by your move, they will thank you for it.

Location Constraints

You need to think very carefully about the new building you are moving to so you can avoid any potential problems when getting furniture and goods there. Is there adequate parking either outside or very close by which you can use? Are you going to have to pay parking fees in addition to the moving fees?

Another thing you should watch out for is the accessibility of the building. If your office is not on a ground floor, chances are you will have to use a lift to get the furniture to where it needs to be. Therefore, you should move into the building at a time when it is not likely that a lot of people will be wanting to use the lift. You don’t want to anger your new neighbours before you have even had a chance to meet them.

Utilise a Local Storage Facility

If it looks like you are going to need a holding facility for a short amount of time before the move can be finalised, you should look at what storage options are available to you in London. You’ll find that the provider Safestore have facilities in every London region, so they might be worth looking into if you’re in need of some temporary storage space.

Consider the Space You Have to Work with

Most likely, you have had to move because you either need more space for a growing workforce or you are downsizing and you need a little less space. Either way, there are some key things you need to consider when you have a new space to work with.

Unless you have the staff ready to start, you don’t need to fill the new office with desks and computers. Even buying second-hand and refurbished models can quickly add up. Instead, use the existing pieces you already have and play with the space so you are not all crammed in one corner of a giant open room.

If you are downsizing, you are more likely to have a surplus of desks which you don’t need. Try to find a reputable second-hand merchant you can sell them through to recuperate some of their cost.


Trying to organise an office move can be difficult but you can make it easier than you might expect with some clever delegation. Speak to your team before the move begins and draw up a plan together so you can be certain that the move will be carried out in the way you have envisioned. If everything can be pulled off with minimal fuss, it won’t be long before you are in your new office and ready to resume business as usual.

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