How to improve your finances in 2019

Looking to improve your finances in the new year and become a money saving expert? It shouldn’t be very hard if you commit to it. Either way, we’ve decided to give you some simple tips to help you out this financial year without having to pay for any expensive money advice service. If you are planning for retirement or looking to save for a raining day, we can help.

Create a budget

Now that 2019 is just around the corner, make sure that you have a serious plan. Plan ahead, roughly for the whole year, and then for each month. At the beginning of each month you need to know what money will be coming your way and what you have to spend to live. Any purchase that’s not for necessary things (rent, food etc) shouldn’t be on the list or should be carefully budgeted. Never, ever go over budget and make sure you put something aside for rainy days.

Find new income streams

If you think you can be super responsibly then you can try playing games and using online casino bonuses, if you do so at a great casino like Jetbull then you stand a chance to add some extra money to your budget. If you don’t want to put the “fun” in “funds” then you can get another job, try freelancing or sell some of the stuff you don’t need anymore.

Slash expenses

Do you really need to get a cup of coffee from Starbucks every morning? Of course, you don’t. you can easily cut some of your expenses by eating in, making your coffee at home and taking public transport instead of taxis. You can buy cheaper things that are still good, and not buy the things you want, but the things you actually need.

Plan and save

If you’ve managed the steps ahead then you can plan and you can save. With your expenses to a minimum, you should have some money left. If you save it you’ll be super thankful not just when God forbid something bad happens and you need it, but for a vacation or making a dream come true. Put some money aside every month and you will be amazed of how much you can save, even if the monthly amount isn’t that big.

Don’t pay full price

Sometimes it’s not really about “how to earn extra money” but rather how to keep more of the money you already have. Nowadays people pay a lot more for things that shouldn’t theoretically cost as much. So you need to pay the fair price, which is usually the discounted one. Maybe you should shop at second-hand stores, use coupons, only shop when things are on sale, catch the best promotions. There are many options available, you just have to go the extra mile.


Use these easy tips and you should have a lot more money in the year to come!

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