How to Get Business Leadership Right in China

Most investors will cite businesses that have grown into global giants when talking about business expansion to China. Actually, China is more like a launchpad for businesses that would want to achieve global status. Apple and Barclays are among the companies with a huge presence in China and their presence in the country contributed highly to their global success. You might also want to expand your business operations to China.

After registering your company in China, you will have to complete other important tasks. The tasks include getting the capital, hiring qualified employees, and choosing a business structure. However, business leadership is more important for the success of your business. Good leadership will steer the company towards success. This post will help you lead your China business properly.

Build a Stronger Brand

For your China business to be successful, you have to start by establishing a strong brand. A strong brand will attract very many talented leaders because one of their goals is to get associated with success. Therefore, strengthening the business in your home country before moving to China is important. Also, you might need to open a representative office (RO) in China to market your brand.

Basing your product development on international standards will help your business or products meet all the Chinese standards easily. Further, reaching out to your targeted Chinese clients may attract many top leaders to your business and they will help you grow.

Recruit Experienced and Highly-Qualified Leaders Alone

It does not matter the type of business you are running in China. Whether it is an office-based technology company or a travel agency, hiring qualified people will help maintain high performance and facilitate faster growth. So, craft job profiles of every leadership position before you ask the interested candidates to send their applications. Here are the key traits to focus on when hiring leaders for your China Company.

  • Problem-solving skills
  •  Good communication skills
  • Innovative
  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Persistence
  • Empathy

If you cannot find a leader that fits your profile, think in terms of many roles instead of one leadership position. For example, you can hire externally strategic executives with government contacts. Allow him/her to take the chairperson role and supplement him with a type of COO executive. You can deploy a worker from the home company to China and ensure that he/she has linkage with the home company.

Human Resources Development should be Part of Your Business

The wheel of establishing strong leadership in your new Chinese company should not stop after recruiting talented staff and leaders. The Chinese business environment is dynamic. Therefore, your leaders should know the emerging challenges and the best way to address them. It is for that reason you should make human resources development one of your business strategies.

Regular assessments will help you identify where your business leaders are excelling and where they are doing poorly. Keep in mind that your team might appear to be excelling in every area, but exploring avenues for improvement is necessary.

Note:  Human resources development takes many forms. It may be in the form of online training, instructor-led training, and even self-led education. Choose the training methods that meet the needs of your business leaders. You would not want to disrupt your business operations.

Establishing good leadership in your new Chinese company is the first step to crafting better growth strategies. Therefore, you have to recruit talented leaders alone and use various methods to make them better. Work with an agency of experts if you want to penetrate the Chinese market faster. The experts will help strengthen your business leaders’ capacity and help them formulate strategies. The experts may also help you recruit top talents and formulate your business strategies.

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