How Can You Control Carbon Emissions ?

Climate change is a serious problem worldwide. Carbon emissions contribute to climate change immensely. What are the causes of carbon emissions? How can they be controlled? This guide will uncover them.

Causes of Carbon Emissions 

Carbon dioxide emissions come from natural and human sources. The natural sources are respiration, ocean release, and decomposition. For human sources, these include activities such as burning fossil fuels (natural gas, oil, and coal), deforestation, and cement production.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the human sources of these emissions have kept increasing. People keep burning coal, oil, and gas. Deforestation has been rampant across the world. These are the primary causes of the increase in substances in the atmosphere.

The burning of fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal) has contributed to more than 85 percent of human carbon emissions. Industrial processes contributed about 4 percent to these emissions. The remaining are from clearing forests as well as other uses of land.

Ways to Tackle Carbon Emissions ?

Below are three ways to effectively control carbon emissions.

Ecological traveling 

There are several activities that are emission-free, such as biking and walking. It is suitable for long-distance travel as well as being an effective low-emission solution.

Don’t travel alone when you need to make use of your car. According to studies, lowering the maximum highway speed to 50 mph (about 80 km/h) can save up to thirty percent of emissions.

Also, your gas mileage can be enhanced by simply maintaining your tires at regular pressure. This reduces the emissions from your car by 3 percent.

Aviation is the most significant challenge at the individual level. Airplanes emit a lot of pollution when they take off and land. Therefore, it’s reasonable to make plans only when flying long distances. For short distances, buses and trains are more eco-friendly.

Save energy

Building accounts for roughly 28 percent of all energy relating to carbon emissions. Why is that? The heating and cooling systems are responsible for this.

In 2017, a study revealed that over sixty percent of the energy consumed by households in Europe comes from heating. That’s why it’s very vital to prevent hearing loss at all costs. Installing a good insulator helps manage this.

Again, make sure you switch off the heater before you leave home, as well as before you go to bed at night. You can save about nine hundred kilograms of carbon every year by simply reducing the temperature on the thermostat by 1°C.

Also, pay attention to the kind of appliances you buy. Go for those that are efficient with energy use. Remember to always turn off the light when you are not using it.

Get energy from renewable sources

More people now have easy access to green energy. Thanks to the falling price of sustainable technologies. Today, there are several battery management and energy storage systems. These help in reducing the payback time for your renewable investments. In the long haul, it reduces carbon emissions as well as electricity bills.


Human sources of carbon emissions have been increasing over the years. Everyone, therefore, has a part to play in order to control this harmful substance. Save energy, travel ecologically, and use power from renewable sources. Finally, companies like Greenly can you reduce your carbon emissions and help you live green. Click here to learn more!

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