How a Global Disaster Made Some People More Money

Over the last few years, the business venture of dropshipping has only grown from strength to strength. While some industries were restricted and shut down, others thrived and flourished. As bricks and mortar stores were closed, online shopping was the only option. As people all spent more time at home, with more disposable income at their fingertips, they were more frequently browsing and buying than ever before.

As in every industry, the knock-on effects spread far and wide, to the advantage of many other companies and ventures. Just as one example, as the whole concept of dropshipping involves storing products in warehouses, the need for warehousing space has greatly increased. Further to that, the businesses that support expanding warehouses, like Western Industrial mezzanine supplier, also benefit from the surge.

There are more factors behind the increase in dropshipping businesses in the UK during the pandemic. The UK has one of the highest populations of any country in Europe so this makes it a great target market for dropshipping businesses. Additionally, the advanced infrastructure of the UK makes the operation of dropshipping business evening easier.

Dropshipping is also increasingly popular in this modern age as more people endeavour to have a more successful balance to their work and life management. This business venture allows entrepreneurs to cut costs and enjoy their free time which has become more important for many since the pandemic.

The Products to Sell in the UK

There are several products that are selling like hot cakes in the UK right now. Here’s just a few:

  • Home and garden products

We all had a surge of motivation when it came to renovating the house and garden during the summers of lockdown. The more time is spend at home, the more people realise all the little jobs they need to do at home.

  • Electronics and technology

With the rest of the world closed, there’s not a lot more to do than stay at home with a device. That’s why technology sales are on the up!

  • Toys and games

To entertain the kids when they’re stuck at home, the purchasing of toys and games came in to save the day.

  • Gifts and hampers

People might be separated from their loved ones physically, but by sending gifts directly they can still feel the love. Sales of gifts and letterbox flowers are therefore increasing.

  • Pet supplies

The pandemic brought a boom in the sales of pets and with that, came the boom in sales of pet supplies.

There are a few dangers and challenges that have arisen for dropshipping businesses especially during the pandemic.

One big challenge arises because of the dependence on third-party suppliers. Shipping delays, container shortages, and increased rates prove to be challenging, especially for up-and-coming businesses.

New businesses are starting all the time, especially as people start their “side hustles” during the unstable times of the pandemic. As these businesses pop up, the competition increases. To be successful, businesses need to target a unique, niche audience.

Furthermore, even though low start-up costs can seem appealing, this means there are very low margins and it’s therefore more difficult to make a profit.

So, while there are some hazards to be cautious of, dropshipping continues to be a great option for many businesses as they can make money with low start-up costs and the flexibility to run the business from anywhere in the world. As the world begins to recover and reopen after the pandemic, dropshipping businesses can operate wherever it is wished with the option to scale up or down.

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