Electric. Vs Petrol Scooters, How Much Can You Save?

Many motorists are making the switch from petrol to electric and it is easy to see why. So, what about scooters? If you drive a petrol scooter then you might be considering a change to an electric option, which could be a smart move and help you to save money over the long term. With this in mind, keep reading for all that you need to know about making the switch.

Petrol Vs Electric

Petrol scooters continue to dominate the market in 2021 and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. Technology in this sector has come on leaps and bounds in recent times and there are now many excellent electric versions to choose from that can offer a range of benefits, but the technology has not reached full scalability and there is still a way to go.

The Key Differences

It is helpful to break down the key differences to see whether or not making the change will be right for you. Obviously, an electric scooter is more environmentally friendly and this is important in a time where people are looking to reduce their impact. In terms of overall cost, electric scooters tend to be more expensive to buy due to the technology that they use. Although they have a higher price tag, keep in mind that there is a Government grant that can make the cost of any electric vehicle more affordable.

Running Costs

In terms of the cost to run the vehicle, it is no surprise that the electric scooter comes out on top. The average petrol scooter offers around 50km per litre and, with rising fuel costs, this can make them expensive to run. Electric scooters can offer the same mileage at 15% of the cost of one litre of fuel, so they are much more economical and could help you to make big savings over the long term.


Another important point is that electric scooters should require less maintenance. In addition to being convenient, this could also help you to make further savings over the long term. Whether petrol or electric, you will need to make sure that you have scooter insurance in place.


Another key difference to consider is how you fuel the vehicle. A petrol scooter takes a few minutes to fill up and petrol stations are easy to find, although you will have to travel to find one. For an electric scooter, you will need to charge the vehicle for a few hours but it could be charged at home (although this could be tricky for those in flats).

These are the key differences to be aware of. Switching to an electric scooter makes a lot of sense and could help you to make big savings over the long term, plus you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you have significantly reduced your carbon footprint.

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