How To Access Free Treatment For Addictions

The internet is a seemingly endless research hub for many, and whatever your problem, the arrival of instant knowledge has shaped the way we live our lives. The Guardian proposes that the freedom of knowledge as a commodity means the end of capitalism as we know it.

Those suffering from addiction problems often remain silent for many years until there is no way of hiding the issues. Social stigma means that this is for many, the easier option, and for others, especially those without a close support system of family or friends, the rituals of addiction will start to become a difficult thing to take control of.

Addiction can, often after a long period of high function, start to affect the personal finances of a person. Their job may be at risk, or indeed, the cycle may have happened after losing a job or relationship signaling the start of a financial change. Many of us know the dangers of addiction on a health and social level, but in practical terms money is often a deeper issue that affects the individual’s overall outcome.

The National Health Service has a number of local services that help with Drug and Alcohol addictions, and your GP can put you in touch with local drop in centres, groups or therapy rooms. These services are free. They can refer individuals to a key worker to discuss detoxification and rehab, and the range of comprehensive treatment options can be life changer – and in many cases, likely a life saver. It is widely regarded that most people with an addiction have a genetic predisposition to self medicate, either due to their decreased ability to feel the effects of dopamine, coupled with environmental and situational factors. Experts agree that in treatment, the vast majority of those suffering from addiction are also dealing with a mental health condition or disorder. This means that for all who seek treatment, managing the underlying mental health condition is key to managing an addiction – regaining control and the potential to be happy.


Taking The First Steps

If you know someone or are personally dealing with addiction, it is important to know the facts surrounding possible routes back to health and freedom. Residential rehabilitation in the UK is all privately owned, and the NHS will provide the funds to stay there for those in most need and displaying the most will to change. This may take a few months, and for many the end of their addiction can not come soon enough. Super informative sites such as or can help guide you through your options and help you ascertain the best course of action for you to gain treatment as soon as possible. Residential rehabs are often more successful as they remove the immediate environment from the individual. Rehabs are safe places, and whilst you stay in the rehab you will be kept safe from temptation. Many centres offer 8 and 12 week stays with daily therapies, before offering supported housing near the centre for those wishing to move from the place they were living when heavily addicted. Costs generally start at £5000 for 28 days, and detox 7-10 days beforehand is in the region of £2000.

If you have the funds to put yourself through rehabilitation, it is advisable, as waiting lists through the NHS can be successful however there may be a long and strict set of criteria that you need to meet before gaining a place. The NHS only offer funding to private rehab centres, and as such, a key worker at your local drop in or walk-in centre will tell you what you need to do in order to gain a place. Key workers will ask you to prove your motivation and worthiness of a place and you will be required to keep attending meetings 3-4 times a week to secure a place. This is hard for an addict in the grips of psychological and often physical impairment, meaning only the most determined of service users will be successful in gaining a place. The residential rehab centres across the UK are incredibly successful, structured heavily around a positive, affirming daily routine to ensure complete abstinence and management in the dual diagnosis of presiding mental health conditions. The regaining of control is for many the key to rebuilding a life after addiction.

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