6 Reasons to Choose Leasing Instead of Buying Your Next Car

If you’re in the market for a new car, you’re probably considering the different options available to you. Generally, you can purchase a car outright, get a car loan or lease your car. Choosing whether to lease a vehicle instead of purchasing it will largely depend on your needs and priorities. For some drivers, driving away in a new car is all about getting the best value for money, whereas for others, they want a car that they can form an emotional connection to. That being said, whichever side you’re on, there are several benefits of leasing your car that can’t be ignored. These include:

Maintenance Included

The cost of buying a car doesn’t stop at the purchase price. Once you’ve parted with your money and the car is yours, you’ll need to think about all the other associated expenses that come with car ownership such as car insurance, tax, and yearly services and MOTs, to name just a few. When you buy your car outright, you’ll be expected to cover all of these costs yourself. On the other hand, leased cars still technically belong to the company that you’re leasing them from – therefore, you’ll often find deals that include yearly services, MOT’s, and maintenance or repair costs in the monthly price. You may even want to explore ‘just add fuel’ deals, which cover the cost of everything except filling up your tank, making the cost of staying on the road easier to manage.

No Resale Worries

One of the biggest downsides to buying your car outright is that once you’ve purchased the car, it will only depreciate in value from here onwards. If you’ve bought your car brand-new, you can expect it to lose thousands of pounds in value the second you drive it out of the showroom – and even used cars will quickly lose their value over time as the mileage increases. When you lease your car, there’s no need to worry about reselling it and losing out if it loses value over time. Once your lease is up, you simply hand the car back and if you still want to have a car set up a new car lease agreement with a new car once again.

A New Car Every Few Years

If you are the type of person who likes to swap and change your vehicle often, then leasing is certainly a better option for you compared to buying your car outright. Not only is it cheaper to lease if you like to change your car a lot; you’ll also find that it’s better value for money as you won’t need to worry about your car losing value when selling it on, as mentioned above. Once your existing lease is up, you can start a new lease contract with a brand-new car. Some car leasing companies offer you the option to do this– however, bear in mind that your monthly payments are likely to increase if you swap your car early. If your circumstances change, leasing a car makes it easier to change your car to suit. For instance, you could be leasing a hatchback when your family expands so at the end of your contract you can swap to a Nissan Qashqai personal lease deal, to get a car that’s more suitable for your larger family. You should check out these lease deals from Zen Auto; whichever car you’re looking for there’s a great range of vehicles to suit all budgets and styles available.

Lower Initial Payments

If you usually get a car with a finance loan and are worried about putting down a large upfront payment or a large monthly bill, then leasing can be a better option for saving money. Your monthly payment, as you are not buying the car will be lower than if you were financing a brand new car purchase. This means you may be able to afford to drive a more luxurious car than you would usually go for.

Cars You Can Trust

If you prefer to buy your cars outright then you’re probably used to going for second hand and used vehicles. However, whilst there’s no denying that you can certainly get some bargains doing things this way, there’s always the risk that you might end up purchasing a car that has problems that you didn’t notice on the test drive. On the other hand, leasing usually means that you will be given a brand-new car – or if it’s a used car, it will still be fairly new and will have been extensively tested by professionals beforehand to ensure that it is road-worthy.

Larger Choice of Cars Available

When you’re purchasing a car outright, you’re often limited to a smaller pool of options – this could be cars that are available in your area, cars that fit your budget, and cars that you can afford to maintain and insure over the long-term. But when you choose to lease a car, a much bigger range of options will become available to you. Thanks to affordable monthly payments you will have the option to drive away in a car that you may never be able to afford to purchase outright. In addition, there are lease companies all over the country who can source almost any car for you – so there’s no need to limit yourself to the cars for sale in your local area.

When it comes to getting a new car, there are so many great reasons to consider leasing.

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