5 Startup Ideas for the Transportation Sector

Love being on the open road? Looking to make a living behind the wheel? There are many career options available to you, from being a taxi driver to running a removals company.

The draw of starting your own business is being your own boss; being able to decide on every aspect of your career is attractive for many people. Here, we’ll look at five businesses you can set up with just yourself and a vehicle.

Taxi Driver

What you’ll need: a vehicle, taxi license, good taxi insurance broker

Ask any taxi insurance broker and they’ll inform you of the risks of this type of business, however, the potential for good earnings, a varied workday, and the chance to meet people from all walks of life make it a popular choice for car-lovers who are looking to make cash from doing what they love.

Many people have segued into this type of job through transportation apps like Uber and Lyft, both of which have given people the chance to get on the road and learn what it’s like to ferry all sorts of people from A to B.

Setting up your own taxi firm means purchasing several vehicles and employing numerous drivers. In this instance, you can ask your taxi insurance broker about looking after your whole fleet under one overarching policy – saving you money and time.


What you’ll need: large van or truck, strong team to carry heavy loads, good knowledge of how to safely move valuable items

Everyone moves at some point in their life and hiring a van and moving their heavy furniture themselves can be a tough and lengthy task. Why not take the stress away and let them pay you to do it?

You don’t need an enormous truck to carry out this kind of work; you can easily fit a great deal of furniture into a relatively small van if you pack it correctly and safely.

These types of business often rely a great deal on word of mouth for their extended popularity as well as standard marketing techniques, so maybe offer something a little different from the other companies in the area, like specialising in the removal of something others don’t.

Driving Instructor

What you’ll need: a car, clean driving license and no convictions, the official training

You can be your own boss by making a living as a driving instructor. Helping other people achieve this rite of passage can be extremely rewarding as well as good money-maker.

If you have had a clean driving license for over three years and no criminal convictions, you can take a few driving instructor tests to get certified. After this, you can either sign up to work for a larger company like Red or AA, or you can start up your own private driving instructor company.

Livestock Transportation

What you’ll need: a specialised trailer, knowledge of the animals you’ll be transporting, good insurance coverage

We are a nation of animal lovers in the UK, and safely transporting our four-legged farmyard friend is a job that many people can take up with just a few caveats.

You won’t need a specific licence to transport horses or cows, for example, but you do need to have good knowledge of how these animals behave and how to move them safely and without too much stress.

There are many reasons why animals would be moved – trade shows, race and event days, general transportation from farm to farm, to name just a few. It could be an extremely lucrative business due to its relative speciality, so it certainly is worth looking into if you are passionate about animals.


What you’ll need: a car, motorbike or van, goods in transit insurance coverage, knowledge of local roads

Courier companies come in all shapes and sizes. You could choose to deliver standard packages, food and drink, vehicles, medical items and more. Courier businesses are also scalable; for example, you could start small with bikes or just cars, then extend your fleet as you begin to establish yourself.

You could also decide between an urban setting, performing many deliveries over a shorter distance, or you could specialise in long journeys. Both of these options can be highly profitable, and both allow you to be your own boss while you enjoy the feeling of the open road.

As long as you are properly insured with goods in transit cover, the risks are relatively minimal, and you could earn a great deal of money if the business is well-meaning and well-managed.

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