We have an employee (currently U.S. based) that will be moving to the Ipswich area for 1 year on a work assignment.  He will be renting an apartment/house (not sure which), and is looking for a company that can provide him with renters insurance.

Any information you can provide will be most appreciated (cost, duration insurance must be purchased for, etc).

Vanessa answers:-

There shouldn’t be any issue with a US citizen obtaining home insurance in the UK. If the apartment/house they are renting is fully furnished and they only need cover for personal possessions they would need a specialist provider that offers cover to renters and lodgers, a high street broker would be able to source this type of cover. If it is not fully furnished and they are buying all of the contents themselves then they would need contents cover which they would be able to purchase from most insurers, including LV=.

Most policies run for 12 months but can usually be cancelled mid-term if needed although there may be a cancellation fee. The cost will be dependant on the amount of cover needed.

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