Travel insurance for an expensive holiday

Wednesday, 10 November 2010 12:00

A reader from Amersham has a question about holiday insurance

Emma Banks, our insurance expert from LV, tackles the problem.

Mr Di Stefano from Amersham asks:

I need travel insurance for an expensive holiday. Most insurers offer cancellation cover up to £5,000 – not enough for this holiday. My present insurers say that if the holiday costs even 1p more, this invalidates the whole policy. Please advise as it is proving difficult to find adequate cover and I WOULD be prepared to cover my own cancellation risk if I could be certain the rest of the policy covered my needs.

Emma replies:

Normally, and certainly with us, the benefit offers cover up to £5000 and that is what the insurer will pay out as a maximum, regardless of the cost of the holiday. So if your holiday costs £5001 and you have to cancel your insurer will pay out £5000 and the same would apply if your holiday cost £8000. You can get insurance for a holiday that costs more than £5000 but these policies are a bit more specialised so try researching online for this kind of policy.
If you have a question for Emma, go to the Ask the Insurance Expert section

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