Ten most popular luxury cars for raising finance

Tuesday, 23 August 2011 05:19

Ten most popular luxury cars for raising finance

Ten most popular luxury cars for raising finance

Taking out a loan against a car can be a useful way for you to raise money quickly – and this is certainly the case when it comes to prestige cars.

Indeed, by using a classic vehicle as the basis for a short-term loan you may find you are able to get your hands on several thousands of pounds within a matter of days. So what are the most popular motors that can be used for this purpose?

Perhaps one of the most effective luxury cars to raise finance against is a Jaguar.

Since its launch in the 1930s, the UK brand has become well-known for the power and performance of its high-end vehicles.

With the company holding royal warrants from the Queen and celebrities including England footballer Jermain Defoe, Dawn French and actor Patrick Dempsey having owned such models secured loans online against your Jaguar if you own one, would mean that you could get your hands on a sizeable amount of money.

Visiting pawnbrokers in order to borrow against your Jaguar could provide the cash boost you may be in need of.

In fact, just recently in 2010, a rare version of a 1952 Jaguar C-Type was sold by RM Auctions for £1.75 million.
Other current Jaguar models you may want to borrow against are the XK Luxury and XKR-S.

However, another UK prestige car brand that you might wish to raise finance against is Range Rover.

An offshoot of Land Rover, Range Rovers have been providing motorists with a fantastic quality motoring experience since 1970. The LR-V8 is just one of the Range Rovers you may want to think about taking a loan against. Launched in 2009, the vehicle features a supercharged five-litre petrol engine.

Alternatively, you may wish to borrow against a Lamborghini. Founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini in the 1960s, the Italian line of supercars has been popular for its sense of refinement, power and comfort, with the Aventador LP 700-4 and Gallardo LP 560-4 among the most recent models.

Lamborghinis were originally created in order to provide competition to Ferrari – another historic Italian luxury car brand. Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929, the company has produced a range of street and racing cars over the years – all of which feature the trademark badge of a prancing black stallion on a yellow background.

Classic Ferrari cars include the 1980 Mondial and the 1984 Testarossa, with the V8 California and V12 FF among the more recent vehicles.

Porsches also make for popular luxury and classic cars to borrow against. The Austrian company was founded in 1939 and is perhaps most famous for its 911 sports range, which first came on to the market in 1964.

Other luxury models to get a loan against include Maserati – which was founded in Bologna in 1914 – and Aston Martin, which was launched the year before under the name Bamford Martin, although it quickly rebranded.

If you are looking to borrow money against an Aston Martin, the V8 Vantage, DB9 and One-77 models may be among those you are looking to obtain a loan against, while the Rapide is said by the manufacturer to be the world's most beautiful four-door sports car.

A Bentley could also prove a great car to borrow against. Ever since their launch in the early 20th century, the vehicles have offered great performance so you may find they are an attractive model when it comes to accessing a secured loan online, whether it is the Continental GTC or the Mulsanne.

Alternatively, you could decide to lend against a Mercedes-Benz or Rolls-Royce. With so many fantastic prestige car brands to loan against, getting your hands on the money you need shouldn't prove to be too difficult a task.



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