Motorists advised to take care on their holidays

Wednesday, 22 May 2013 10:05


Holidaymakers who are planning to take their car abroad with them are being advised to plan ahead in order to avoid any potential difficulties that might crop up while travelling in a foreign country.

The warning comes courtesy of Post Office Car Insurance, which has put together an all-important checklist to pay attention to when it comes to driving overseas.

According to Paul Havenhand, head of insurance at Post Office, motorists need to remember that travelling by car isn't nearly as simple as taking the train, and they should be prepared for complications.

"A simple checklist can help motorists to plan ahead," he said. "The most important step is to check they are covered by their insurance policy – and how long it will provide them with cover for whilst driving in Europe."

Mr Havenhand also highlighted the fact that many countries in Europe have different rules and regulations on their roads to the ones in Britain, and that it is important to be aware of any differences.

"While drivers cannot guarantee against accidents happening abroad, they can take steps to make sure they're prepared, particularly as many European countries have different rules to Britain," he added.

Among the other advice on offer, the Post Office was keen to encourage drivers to keep a comprehensive set of maps just in case they are caught without a functioning Satnav for any reason.

It also advises that certain countries such as France make it illegal to use a Satnav equipped with software that detects the location of speed cameras.

Motorists in Europe are reminded that they must display a GB sticker on their vehicles at all times, while those travelling outside of the EU are also required to do so, even if they have a GB Euro numberplate.

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