Life Insurance

Ex-smokers could be wasting thousands by not updating their life insurance

Ex-smokers wasting money on life insurance

Reformed smokers are losing millions of pounds a year by failing to review their life insurance policies.

Changing providers could save you thousands on life insurance premiums

Save £3,300 on life insurance

People could save as much as £3,300 on life insurance premiums over the term of their policy, new research finds.

Plan now or pay later, parents are warned

Start planning for children now

Future parents are being urged to plan now or pay later when it comes to looking after any children they might have later on.

Having a life insurance policy written under trust is better for the beneficiaries

Trusts best for life insurance

A new study has found that life insurance policies written under trust are paid out months quicker than others.

It would cost £4,461 a year to pay someone to do the cooking and washing up

Women's work worth £17,407

A woman's work might never be done, but it would cost £17,407 a year to pay people to do it.

A lack of life insurance is putting families at risk

Families at risk from life insurance gaps

Three in ten of the major earners in the UK's families have no life insurance, putting their families at serious financial risk if they were to die unexpectedly.

Four million parents do not have life insurance

Four million parents uninsured

As many as four million UK parents are leaving their partners and children exposed to financial risks by not carrying life insurance, a new report finds.

Millions of mortgage holders are wasting money by taking out life insurance from their loan provider

Mortgage holders wasting thousands on life insurance

One mortgage-holder in two takes out a life insurance policy from their mortgage provider, possibly wasting thousands of pounds on expensive cover.

Using life insurance for mortgages leaves loved ones exposed, according to Sainsbury's Bank

Life insurance should be used for more than mortgages

Sainsbury's Bank has called on Britons to make sure their life insurance covers more than just their mortgages, as this leaves loved ones exposed.

Is your life insurance cover up to date?

Sainsbury's Bank: One in three life insurance policies are out of date

Sainsbury's Bank is calling for people to review their life cover because as changes in circumstances could leave many underinsured.

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