Is a direct ISA different from a cash ISA

Friday, 13 July 2007 12:00

What is the difference between a direct ISA and a cash mini ISA?
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Fred from North Yorkshire asks:
What is the difference between a mini cash isa and a direct ISA (NS&I).

Chris Wicks, Alexander Beard Group, replies:

There is no difference. The Direct ISA is a mini cash ISA issued by National Savings.

It allows you to invest from £1000 to £3000 in the current tax year. If you invest the minimum you may make additional deposits of at least £250. The current interest rate is 6.05% variable.

The best current rate is offered by the Saffron Building Society at 6.30% gross.

This requires you to serve 30 Days notice of withdrawal. The rate includes a bonus of 0.8% for 6 months. The NS Direct ISA does not contain a bonus and its current rate is as that on offer from Egg.

National Savings are government backed so you can make a working assumption that your money is essentially safe.

Larger banks and building societies, in reality are pretty safe really so it is legitimate to take a view that in either event your money is unlikely to be lost.

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