International accounts for people living or working abroad

Thursday, 10 March 2011 10:56

If you are planning to live or work abroad you will have plenty of things to think about, one of the most important of which will be sorting out your international banking arrangements.

Learning to adapt to a new climate, language, culture and work environment can all prove to be a real test when you relocate to a different country, but there is no reason for your personal banking to add to your worries.

Opening an international account before you move can help to smooth the transition to your new life abroad, as it will help to address issues such as where to pay your salary into and transferring funds between currencies.

A good international account will allow you to manage your personal finances in the currency of your choice.

That should mean you can have your salary paid in the local currency, rather than having to exchange it from sterling and pay fees before being able to spend it.

It will also allow you to withdraw money from ATMs and arrange to pay bills in the local currency, again potentially helping you to avoid overpriced foreign exchange charges.

International accounts from reputable banks are also likely to come with a debit card that is part of a global network, making it easy for you to make purchases in your new home town.

Although your day-to-day banking will need to be in your local currency, you are unlikely to completely sever financial ties with the UK when you take up a new job in another country or retire abroad.

You will still need the ability to receive money from and transfer it to the UK, particularly if you have a mortgage or investments back home.

While it is possible to arrange this on an ad hoc basis every time you want to send money to family members or transfer funds from your savings in the UK, you will find the process to be much easier if you have a good international account.

Using a reputable bank will ensure that international money transfers are simple, whether you want to make one-off payments or set up standing orders to send or receive funds.

When choosing a bank account in the UK you probably look for one which will allow you to manage your finances in a variety of ways.

The issue of accessing your money is even more important when selecting international accounts, as you will want to be sure you do not encounter any problems with the language barrier.

Try to find an account which has internet banking, along with English language telephone support around the clock so that you can discuss and solve problems at your convenience.

While you are living abroad, you may want to consider using other international personal banking services.

As well as helping to set up foreign currency accounts before you move and to manage your day-to-day banking needs while overseas, an international banking service can also provide you with a range of other personal finance products and you get the benefit of dealing with a company that understands the needs of expatriate customers or those with an international lifestyle.

Whether you plan to invest in property in the country you work in or have retired to, or want to investigate the potential of offshore savings accounts and investments, your bank should be able to help.

Sorting out your banking arrangements will be one of the most important decisions you take when moving abroad, so make sure you do plenty of research before deciding which international accounts and services to choose.



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