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Illegally staged crashes are costing UK motorists £392m a year, according to the IFB

IFB report shows 'Crash for Cash' scams cost UK motorists £392m

A new report from the Insurance Fraud Bureau found that staged crashes are costing UK motorists an extra £392 million a year in increased car insurance premiums.

How will the new gender ruling affect your car insurance?

Infographic: How has gender affected your car insurance?

MoneySupermarket has produced this interactive infographic that shows how much the new gender ruling that equalises car insurance payments affects you region-by-region in the UK.

The Insurance summit this week between the government and insurers aims to end the 'compensation culture'

Will the car insurance compensation culture change following the insurance summit?

This week the Prime Minister, David Cameron, met leaders of the insurance industry to agree ways to kill the compensation culture that has driven up the cost of car insurance.

The cost of car insurance in the UK continues to rise

How much will car insurance cost in 2012?

Fraud, insurers losses and new European gender legislation will make the cost of car insurance go up for UK motorists, though increases will be less than the last two years.

Motorists need to check the small print of their car insurance policies

Accident cover against uninsured drivers varies with providers has released new research that warns drivers to check the small print of their car insurance policies as the level of cover varies widely.

A judge has warned car insurers to act in the public interest

Judge warns car insurers actions "cannot be in the public interest"

A Judge has warned that an insurance company, who he claims have inflated the cost of repairs before passing on the charges, is not acting in the public interest.

Car insurance has rocketed in price in the last year, according to reports

Why are car insurance premiums so high? OFT to investigate

A study is to be conducted into the motor insurance market to find out why prices have risen dramatically in the last year, the Office of Fair Trading has confirmed.

The police authorities and the insurance industry are disputing who may be potentially liable for costs stemming from the riots

Battle brews between police and insurers over costs of riot insurance claims

The Association of Police Authorities (APA) is disputing potential liability for claims made using the Riot Act of 1886 but the Association of British Insurers (ABI) says the law has worked well for 125 years.

UK insurers plan to fund a team to help reduce insurance fraud

UK insurers to fund police team to help reduce insurance fraud

The UK insurance industry is to spend £8.2 million over three years to fund 35 police officers who will focus on reducing insurance fraud which is estimated to add £44 to each insurance premium.

Find out how to choose the right type of travel insurance

Finding the best travel insurance policies for this summer

With hundreds of travel insurance policies available choosing the right type is a minefield. Our guide to finding the right type of policy for your summer holiday will help you make the right choice.

The ECJ ruling will mean higher car insurance costs for women

How the ECJ gender ruling will affect your insurance

Today's ruling from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that makes it unlawful to set different insurance premiums using gender as a basis will see women pay more for insurance.

Aviva cuts dividend but share price rises

Aviva results cheer investors but dividend cut

Aviva was the highest riser on the FTSE 100 this morning after reporting better-than-expected half-year results.

AXA announces job cuts

AXA announces 350 UK job cuts

Insurance giant AXA has announced 350 more job cuts in the UK as part of a cost-saving programme.

Flood damage has destroyed insurance records, broker claims

Insurance broker claims records destroyed by lightening

The FSA is warning customers of Jeffrey Flanners (Consulting) Limited to check their insurance coverage after storm damage destroyed the company's financial records.

Insurance could help pay for long-term care

Insurance 'could pay for long-term care'

A £20,000 'insurance policy' could end the "cruel lottery" of long-term health care, the government has said in its green paper.

560 jobs are set to go at Legal & General

Legal & General to cut 560 jobs

Insurer Legal & General is set to make up to 560 workers redundant from processing centres across the country.

More jobs could be cut in London

Swiss Re cuts 1,000 jobs

Swiss Re is axing 1,000 jobs as it attempts to cut costs across the business.

The US subprime crisis triggered huge losses at AIG

AIG London office 'ground zero' of financial crisis

The London office of AIG has been dubbed the 'ground zero' of the financial crisis after an investigation revealed traders at the Mayfair office had lost billions of dollars.

Dutch government invests billions in Aegon

Aegon receives ?3bn in government cash

Dutch insurer Aegon has received a ?3 billion (£2.4 billion) cash injection from the government to protect it from market turmoil.

AIG sponsors Manchester United

AIG agrees terms for $85bn rescue loan

American International Group (AIG) has signed a definitive agreement with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for the $85 billion loan that will keep the firm afloat.

Federal Reserve sees AIG as important enough to save

AIG rescued by US government

American International Group (AIG) has received a $85 billion loan from the US government to continue operating in return for an 80 per cent stake in the firm.

AIG, sponsor of Manchester United, has secured an important loan

AIG secures crucial lifeline loan

American Insurance Group (AIG) is set to borrow $20 billion (£11.2 billion) from its own subsidiaries as a "bridge loan" to keep the firm afloat.

Insurer Hiscox posts record profits

Insurer Hiscox reports record profits

The economic slowdown has failed to hit insurer Hiscox, which has posted record first half results of £109.2 million.

Staged motor accidents are putting the public at risk

Fraud costs households £650 each

Insurers are calling for a national strategy to reduce fraud, which is costing each UK household £650 per year.

Broken central heating costing £64m too much

Broken central heating costing £64m too much

UK residents are paying £64 million more than they need to for repairs to broken central heating systems, new figures show.

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