HSBC: New funds to spread risk

Tuesday, 10 February 2009 12:00

HSBC has launched a new range of funds which allow investors to spread their cash across a range of assets.

The HSBC World Selection Portfolios invest in assets, such as bonds, equities, commodities and private equity, across the world.

There are three funds to choose from including the least risky Cautious fund. There is also a slightly more adventurous Balanced fund and the Dynamic fund for investors keen to take a risk.

According to David Wells, head of investments, pensions and savings at HSBC, the beauty of the funds is that investors were able to diversify.

He explained: “The steep declines in stock markets over 2008 have been a painful reminder of the risks inherent with putting all your investment eggs in one basket.”

He added: “That’s why it’s important to diversify geographically and to hold different asset classes so that you can aim to achieve good long-term results without taking a rollercoaster ride along the way.”

Anyone interested in investing in these higher end products can do so via HSBC financial advisers, via their HSBC branch or online.

A minimum investment of £50 per month or a lump sum of £1,000 is required.

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