The eurozone narrowly managed to avoid a recession

Eurozone avoids recession by the skin of its teeth

GDP data released today shows overall the eurozone was flat in the first three months of 2012 but that a wideninggap is emerging between northern and southern eurozone countries.

The new French President Francois Hollande travels to Germany to meet Angela Merkel today

Germany grows, France stagnates ahead of Hollande-Merkel meeting

The German economy has roared back to growth, expanding by 0.5 per cent, whilst the French economy was flat in the first quarter of 2012, new GDP data reveals.

Will Greece leave the Euro?

Global shares fall on Grexit fears

The FTSE 100 index dropped below the psychological benchmark of 5,500 this morning, amid mounting fears that Greece will have to exit the Eurozone.

Sterling is strengthening against the Euro

Pound at record rate v Euro

UK travellers heading to the Eurozone will get more for their money as Euros are being sold at 1.20 to the Pound for the first time in three and a half years.

Elections in France and Greece could affect the euro debt crisis

Will a new French President signal a shift in euro economic policies?

voters in France and Greece have rejected parties who agree with the austerity measures supported by Germany to help manage the euro debt crisis, potentially putting the eurozone at a crossroads.

S&P cut the credit rating of nine eurozone countries yesterday

Nine eurozone countries have credit ratings cut by S&P

Friday 13th took on nightmare proportions for the eurozone as the euro debt crisis moved up a notch after Standard & Poor cut the credit rating of nine countries.

It is expected that France will lose its triple-A credit rating from Standard & Poor's today

Euro debt crisis: S&P cut French credit rating as Greek debt talks fail

The Euro debt crisis burns again as ratings agency Standard & Poor's confirm they have cut France's credit rating from triple-A to AA+ as Greek debt talks collapse.

France has had its credit outlook cut from stable to negative by Fitch

Fitch says solution to euro debt crisis is 'beyond reach'

Fitch has cut France's outlook to "negative" and placed six other countries on "credit watch negative", saying a full solution to the debt crisis is "beyond reach".

S&P has put Germany and France on 'credit watch'

France and Germany could lose S&P AAA credit rating

Ratings agency Standard & Poor's has put 15 eurozone nations including France and Germany on 'credit watch' meaning there is a 50:50 chance their credit ratings could be cut.

Moody's has cut the credit rating of two French banks

Moody's downgrades credit rating for two major French banks

The credit ratings agency, Moody's has downgraded the credit rating of French banks Societe Generale and Credit Agricole, citing their exposure to Greek debt as the reason.

Nicolas Sarkozy met with the leader of the French central bank to discuss the economy today

French stocks and banks rock amid more volatility in global markets.

French bank Societe Generale saw its shares fall by 21 per cent before bouncing back to register a 13 per cent loss at the close of markets after rumours abounded that France could lose its triple-A credit rating.

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