Ed Balls

Ed Balls responds to the government's spending review

Spending review: Osborne wields the axe at welfare spending

Welfare was the main target for the cuts as George Osborne presented a further £11.5 billion of savings for 2015-16, as well as public sector employees and government efficiencies.

George Osborne has announced details of the government's next spending review

Government announce next spending review will be June 26th

The coalition has announced that the next spending review will be on June 26th 2013 and it is likely that further spending cuts and tax changes will be announced.

Labour is calling for a further postponement of the planned 3p a litre fuel increase

Ed Balls calls for 3p a litre fuel duty rise to be postponed

Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls has called for the Chancellor, George Osborne, to postpone the planned 3p a litre fuel duty rise planned for January again.

Ed Balls: Willing to work on an economic plan B with members of the government

Vince Cable rejects Ed Balls offer of Lib/Lab economic pact

The shadow chancellor, Ed Balls request to work with "sensible" people in government on a new economic plan to take the UK out of recession has been rejected by Vince Cable.

Ed Balls says the banking sector needs more competition

Ed Balls calls for "root and branch" banking reforms

The shadow chancellor, Ed Balls has called for a "root and branch" investigation into the banking sector and says two new challengers need to be introduced to the sector to increase competition.

The Chancellor, George Osborn,e says problems in Europe are ""killing" the UK's economic recovery

Osborne says euro debt crisis is killing off UK recovery

The Chancellor, George Osborne said in an article today that the euro debt crisis is impacting the UK's ability to emerge from the doldrums but Ed Balls says he is making excuses.

William Hague has warned Greece on the difficulties it could face if it leaves the euro

Hague warns on Greek euro exit as second bailout finalised

Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr show, the Foreign Secretary, William Hague has warned Greece on the perils of leaving the euro that was "built without exits".

Ed Miliband attacked the "vested interests" prospering from the economy

Miliband: Labour will regain lost trust on the economy

The Labour leader, Ed Miliband, has attacked "asset strippers" and those with "vested interests" but admits Labour has to regain the trust of people on the economy.

Ed Balls is to address the Labour party conference later today (September 26th)

Ed Balls: Windfall from bailed-out banks to repay national debt

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls is to outline his plan for economic growth in a speech at the Labour party conference in Liverpool today.

Ed Balls asks for VAT cut

Ed Balls calls for VAT cut

A VAT cut like the one in 2008 would help improve consumer confidence and lower inflation, says the shadow chancellor.

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