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What does the 24 month rule mean for umbrella companies?

Implications of the 24 month rule

There is plenty of confusion surrounding the various legislation applying to contractors, and the 24 month rule (or two year rule) is no different. While most people are aware of the 24 month rule, many are confused as to how it works.

Comparison site caution: top reasons to shop around yourself

Reviewing your insurance options

Insurance is one of those everyday necessities that we all need, whether it's for the car, the home or even to protect our holidays. It can also be a big drain on our finances, which is why it is important to shop around – but should you let comparison sites do the work for you?

How to form a limited company

Limited company contractors are required to keep detailed and accurate accounts.

If you are confident that you will fall outside of the IR35 regulations and would like to minimise your tax burden, then you should be looking to operate as a limited company contractor. But how do you go about setting up a limited company?

Umbrella vs limited company – which is right for you?

There are several things to consider when deciding how to operate

If you're looking to become a contractor, then you need to consider the two main options open to you – operating as a limited company or using an umbrella company. However, you must also be aware that this decision may be taken away from you.

Coming home after working abroad

Coming home after living abroad requires preparation

Jetting off overseas to live and work is such an exciting experience that, for most people, the process of returning home will be the last thing on their mind.

Debt solution jargon-buster

Debt solutions needn't be scary

Choosing a debt solution can be scary. There are so many options to choose from – and the last thing you need is to get lost in confusing financial terms. Here's our handy jargon-buster to keep you on track.

What does the 2013-14 tax year hold for the FTSE market?

Analysts have suggested London's blue-chip index will rise throughout the forthcoming tax year.

As we enter the 2013-14 tax year, a number of experts from within the financial industry have begun offering their predictions as to how the FTSE 100 market will behave in the coming 12 months, so are there any stellar trends we should be aware of?

What allowable expenses are available for the self-employed?

Make sure you keep on top of allowable expenses

Working for yourself makes for an incredibly exciting career choice. Not only do you get the chance to set your own hours and choose the projects that excite you the most, but it enables you to operate in a highly tax-efficient manner. Being self-employed also potentially allows you to receive a significantly higher income in comparison to doing the same kind of work as a permanent full-time employee, most notably as you could off-set tax against the expenses that you incur.

What are the top watch brands for securing a loan against?

Rolex watches can be used to secure personal asset loans

When looking to secure a short-term personal asset loan, there are a number of valuable items you can use to obtain the finance. Luxury watches are a particularly popular option as it is possible to secure significant sums of money without parting with a family heirloom.

How fine wine investments can improve your finances

Can fine wine investment boost your finances?

Over the past ten years, fine wine investments have become increasingly popular. Today, we are going to look at what 2013 holds for the fine wine market, as well as how fine wines can be used to boost your finances, so read on for some useful insights.

Costs to consider when purchasing real estate overseas

Work out your expenses carefully

If you've decided to take the plunge and buy a property abroad, good for you! It's an exciting prospect and one that could prove lucrative if you go about it correctly. No matter where you choose to purchase real estate, however, there will be certain costs to consider.

How the forthcoming Real Time Information system will affect reporting payroll data

Make sure you're aware of the new RTI system

Being a contractor gives professionals the freedom to select their own working hours and choose the projects they work on; however, with that comes the need to look after their own payroll and tax issues. With HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) set to introduce a new payroll reporting system later this year, now is the time for professionals to make certain they are aware of the changes this will entail.

New tax year, new finances

Get your finances sorted in the new tax year

With the start of the new tax year in April around the corner, now's the perfect time to take stock of your finances by tackling debt and starting to save. Read on to find out how you can sort out your money woes, whatever they may be!

Why classic cars are growing as a form of finance

More classic cars used to secure loans

When it comes to securing finance, there are far more options to consider these days than bank loans alone. Personal asset loans are becoming increasingly prominent, with classic cars among the possessions possible to secure finance against.

A look at the items stolen most often from UK homes

Safeguard your valuables from thieves

There is perhaps nothing quite as upsetting for homeowners than to fall victim to burglary. Whether it is an item that only has sentimental value or something worth several thousand pounds, the sheer experience of having your possessions stolen can be very distressing.

A guide to dealing with small debts

Don't let small debts stack up

You might not think there's much to paying off a relatively small debt – but think again. Many larger debts are created when more modest bills aren't dealt with in the right way, so it's crucial you repay what you owe quickly and in the correct manner.

What creditors can do if you're in debt

Creditors can potentially take you to court

If you're in debt and cannot repay what you owe, your creditors may take further action in attempt to recover the money. Often, this involves going to court. There are various ways in which you can legally be ordered to pay back your debts – read on to find out more.

A guide to buying a family home abroad

Do your research for overseas property buys

Buying a family home abroad can at first appear a daunting prospect. Any move overseas is obviously fraught with potential pitfalls, but when you're moving a whole family to another country the process is even more challenging.

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