George Osborne's Help to Buy scheme has been criticised

MPs warned Osborne over 'Help to Buy' mortgage guarantee risks

MPs in the Treasury Select Committee have warned that the Help to Buy scheme could leave the government and the taxpayer with large losses.

Budget 2013: How does it affect your wallet?

Budget 2013: How does it affect you?

George Osborne has delivered his fourth budget and introduced measures to support the housing market, cut fuel and beer duty and raised the income tax allowance to £10,000.

Most people think there financial situation will get worse after the budget

Budget 2013: UK households don't feel budget has helped them

Surveys by uSwitch and Moneysupermarket show that the majority of UK households don't feel that the budget has helped their finances.

Andrew Tyrie, Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee

MPs warn Osborne to stick to March budget for tax changes

The Treasury select Committee believes the chancellor, George Osborne should introduce tax changes in March not in his Autumn Statement.

George Osborne delivers his Autumn Statement on December 5th

Autumn Statement preview: Will George Osborne go for growth?

The Chancellor has to juggle the numbers in his Autumn Statement to keep the deficit down whilst stimulating economic growth with infrastructure investment. How will he do it?

George Osborne makes his autumn statement on Wednesday

Autumn Statement: Osborne will admit he has missed targets

The Chancellor, George Osborne will be forced to admit that he has missed at least one of his key deficit reduction targets when he makes his autumn statement on Wednesday.

Will The London 2012 Olympics turn a profit?

What will be the financial legacy of the London 2012 Olympics?

Like 1948, the last time London hosted the Olympics, the UK is facing austerity measures but will the Olympic Games turn a profit like they did in 1948 and how much will they boost GDP?

George Osborne has postponed a planned rise in fuel duty

Osborne delays 3p fuel duty increase

The Chancellor, George Osborne has announced a postponing of the 3p a litre fuel duty rise until January 2013 in another budget u-turn.

Treasury confirms U-turn on 'pasty tax'

Government announces U-turn on ‘pasty tax’ and static caravans

Chancellor George Osborne is to back down over controversial plans to slap 20 per cent VAT on pasties and static caravans, it has been announced.

Who are the winners and losers in this year's budget?

Budget 2012: Are you a winner or loser?

Single people with no children benefit from the budget if they earn less than £125,000 but to work out if you are better off as a family or a pensioner is more complicated.

What does Budget 2012 mean for your wallet?

Budget 2012: Key points at a glance

In a Budget with few surprises, Chancellor George Osborne vowed today that Britain was to “earn its way in the world” as there was no other road to recovery.

All the reaction from the budget 2012

Budget 2012: Comment and reaction from the experts

Our detailed budget coverage brings you all of the expert analysis and comment on the important measures contained in the Chancellor, George Osborne's budget.

The OBR has issued revised economic growth forecasts

Budget 2012: The revised OBR growth forecasts

The Office for Budget Responsibility has issued revised growth, government borrowing and unemployment forecasts to accompany and inform George Osborne's budget.

Osborne pledges Budget to 'reward workers'

Budget 2012: Osborne to cut top tax rate from 50p to 45p

The Chancellor has announced that the tax personal allowance will rise to £8,105 from April 6 and to £9,205 from April 2013.

The ONS reports a record deficit for February in the UK's public sector finances

Government borrowing hits record Feb high as deficit rises

George Osborne has had a bad start to budget day as the Office for National Statistics announces a record £15.2 billion shortfall in the public finances for February.

George Osborne is expected to increase the personal allowance in his budget today

Personal allowance set to increase to £9,205 in today's budget

George Osborne delivers his third budget today and its centrepiece is expected to be an increase in the personal allowance before income tax is due to £9,205.

George Osborne, the Chancellor delivers his budget on Wednesday March 21st

Budget 2012 preview: What will Chancellor Osborne announce?

George Osborne announces his budget on Wednesday with precious little "wiggle room". Economic growth is required whilst maintaining his deficit reduction programme. We assess his likely choices.

The government will launch the National Loan Guarantee Scheme in tomorrow's budget

Government unveils £20bn cheap loans for small firms scheme

A new £20 billion government scheme to underwrite cheaper loans to small firms that will be unveiled in tomorrow's budget has been criticised by business leaders.

Government borrowing 'could fall further'

Government borrowing ‘could drop below £100bn’

Government borrowing could fall below £100 billion next year for the first time since 2008-09 as the deficit reduction programme starts to take effect.

Inflation, retail sales and public sector borrowing figures are released next week

It's not just about the budget next week: Inflation preview

Next week will be dominated by the budget speech but there are other important economic indicators out including inflation, retail sales and public sector deficit figures.

Public sector pay is on average 8% higher than private sector pay

Osborne's budget plan to abolish national pay rates

George Osborne may abolish national pay rates for public sector workers to bring private and public sector pay rates closer together in some parts of the country.

Will Osborne ditch the 50p tax tier?

Budget 2012: Will the 50p tax rate be ditched?

Speculation is mounting that the Chancellor George Osborne will ditch the 50p tax rate for higher earners in next week's Budget.

Stark warning to UK by Fitch Ratings

UK has 1 in 2 chance of losing its AAA status, says Fitch

A second credit ratings agency has warned that the UK could lose its triple A status. Fitch said there is a 50:50 chance of being downgraded.

George Osborne is considering a gilt plan that would take advantage of low interest rates

Budget plan for 100-year loans to save billions on govt debt

George Osborne is considering a plan to issue 100-year bonds to take advantage of the UK's low interest rates and save billions on debt repayments in the coming years.

Car exports to non-EU countries helped UK trade in January

Trade deficit up less than expected due to record non-EU exports

George Osborne received a boost with the release of January's trade figures that showed encouraging signs of an export-led recovery with record exports to non-EU countries.

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