Basic Bank Accounts

Basic bank account holders are having access to cash withdrawals threatened

RBS and Lloyds urged to rethink policy on basic bank accounts

Consumer Focus is calling for banks to sign up to a set of minimum standards governing basic bank accounts as Andrew Tyrie says RBS and Lloyds actions could influence other banks to limit cash machine access.

The Co-operative Bank has pulled basic bank accounts for newly bankrupt customers

Co-op exit means Barclays only bank account choice for bankrupts

The decision by the Co-operative Bank to withdraw its basic bank account for new bankrupts has been criticised by the government and consumer groups.

HSBC is to allow its current account customers to use the Post Office counters

HSBC changes its mind on Post Office banking

HSBC is to allow its nine million current account customers to perform basic banking transactions at all Post Office counters in the UK.

Lloyds and RBS have been told to lift restrictions on ATM use for basic bank account holders

MPs tell Lloyds and RBS to lift cash machine restrictions

A Treasury Committee has told Lloyds and RBS to lift the restrictions on basic bank account holders being able to access cash from all of their ATM's.

The Treasury is planning a range of simple financial products

Treasury plans to launch simple financial products

The Treasury is looking at developing a range of simple financial products with the same terms and conditions to encourage people to save and switch to better deals.

RBS and Lloyds have been criticised on policies for basic bank account customers

RBS and Lloyds refuse to bow to pressure on basic banking charges

Part taxpayer-owned banks The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Lloyds have refused to follow the recommendations of Andrew Tyrie MP and lift restriction on ATM use.

Around a million people do not currently have access to a bank account, Consumer Focus has said.

Banking reforms 'must help most vulnerable'

The government risks failing some of the most vulnerable people in Britain because its proposed reforms of the banking sector overlook the problem of those who are marginalised because they do not have access to a basic account, Consumer Focus has warned.

The Chancellor has announced bank accounts for all but what does that mean for consumers?

Bank accounts – the best deals and what to look for

In his budget the chancellor Alistair Darling said all UK adults will be given the right to open a basic bank account, but will that lead to better banking for all? <i>'s</i> Kate Saines investigates.

The chancellor is rumoured to be planning 'bank accounts for all' in the Budget.

Darling 'planning bank accounts for all'

Chancellor Alistair Darling is expected to announce a legal obligation for banks to provide basic accounts to all UK citizens when he unveils the Budget later today.

The UK's banking sector needs a radical shift in its culture towards prioritising customers, Lord Myners said.

"Radical shift" needed in banking culture

Britain's banks need a radical shift in the way they do business to ensure the needs of their customers are put before their own, City minister Lord Myners has said.

£7 million lies unclaimed in dormant accounts in central London alone, HSBC has said.

£27.5m lies in "forgotten" bank accounts

Over £27 million lies unclaimed in dormant bank accounts held with HSBC, the lender has announced.

Headaches after a bankruptcy can last with finding a current account

Bankruptcy banking: Can you find a current account?

You have made the tough decision to go bankrupt and have started the process. What next?

Banking options limited for undischarged bankrupts

Bankrupt Brits refused banking

Brits who have been forced into bankruptcy are finding only two banks will offer them basic bank accounts.

Bank accounts opened

1.8 m open first bank accounts

Some 1.8 million people excluded from banking have set up accounts for the first time in the last six years.


Islamic Bank of Britain launches premier banking service

The Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB) has today opened a premier banking office in London for affluent and high net worth individuals.

Campaigners call for Post Bank to run from Post Offices

Post Bank could save Post Office

A coalition of groups is calling on the government to establish a state-run bank out of the nation's post offices.

Consumers have lost faith in their banks

UK banks 'greedy and impersonal'

UK banks are greedy and impersonal, according to a survey of consumers.

Guide to help people understand finance launched

Finance guides launched for people with learning disabilities

A range of guides has been launched to help people with learning disabilities open their own bank accounts.

Enabling prisoners to open bank accounts reduces re-offending rates, study shows

Bank accounts for prisoners scheme success

Enabling prisoners to open a bank account may help lower the rate of re-offending, a study has revealed.

Post Office hope from Mandelson

Mandelson offers hope to Post Office

The government could be redrafting its plans for the Post Office, a leaked letter from Peter Mandelson to Gordon Brown reveals.

EU proposes raising deposit cover

EU may raise deposit cover to ?100,000

The EU is proposing to raise the level of protection available to depositors from ?20,000 (15,500) to ?100,000 (£77,500) within a year in a bid to improve confidence.

Banks call for liquidity scheme extension

Banks call for liquidity scheme extension

High street banks are expected to ask the Bank of England to extend the special liquidity scheme beyond October in a meeting today.

You will soon be able to open a basic bank account through a credit union

Credit unions to offer basic bank accounts

People will soon be able to open a basic bank account through a credit union rather than going to a high-street bank.

NatWest launches Polish bank account (Polskie konto bankowe od NatWest)

NatWest launches Polish bank

NatWest is saying <i>witamy w NatWest</i> to the UK's Polish-speaking customers with a new bank account.

600 new free-to-use ATMs are being installed in the UK's poorest areas

600 new free cash machines for poor areas

Plans to install 600 new free-to-use cash machines in the poorest areas of the UK have been unveiled today.

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