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Can a lender change the terms of a mortgage after a delay that was caused by them?

Unsure about a mortgage situation? Ask the expert!

A reader wants to know if a mortgage lender can change the terms and conditions of a mortgage as a result of a delay caused by the lender not the borrower.

Accord cut rates on fixed-rate mortgages for FTB's

Accord have cut mortgage rates for FTB's

Accord are the latest lender to cut mortgage rates on a range of fixed rate mortgages including deals for first-time buyers.

BM Solutions revitalise buy-to-let mortgage range for 2013

BM Solutions have cut rates and fees on buy-to-let mortgages

BM Solutions have relaunched their buy-to-let mortgage range for 2013 with rate cuts of up to 0.40 per cent and fees reduced by up to 0.50 per cent.

Platform launch competitive residential mortgage range

Platform has launched a range of residential mortgages

Platform, the mortgage subsidiary of the Co-operative bank have launched a range of residential fixed rate mortgages with fee-free options.

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