Wrap Accounts

A Wrap Account, also referred to as 'a wrap', 'wraps' or 'wrapper account', is a new online investment account. Effectively a 'one stop shop' for a huge range of financial service products they allow investors to monitor, analyse, and act on all their financial assets online in one place.

Here you deal shares online, consolidate your investments, monitor your tax liabilities, allocate your assets and more, and you can do this whenever and from wherever you want as it is all online. Not only do Wrap Accounts cover investment products, they also include saving accounts and pensions, so completing your tax returns has never been easier.

Because everything goes through one Wrap Account provider with one main contact and is all internet-based, it's easy to administer and administration costs are minimised. Lower costs are passed on to consumers, in fact with a Wrap Account there is just one annual management fee and this will vary depending on the provider you choose.

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