Women S Pensions

More women are working beyond the age of 60

More women work beyond 60 due to changes to state pension age

A new study by the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) reveals that more women are working beyond the age of 60 because of changes to the state pension age.

New research suggests that the financial gender gap has extended to retirement

Prudential research shows gender pay gap extends to pensions

New research from the Prudential reveals that men retiring this year can expect to receive a pension almost 50 per cent higher than women, at £18,000 rather than £12,250.

The gender gap in pension savings is increasing, according to Scottish Widows

Pension savings gender gap at record high as women fail to save

Women are saving less for their retirement as they focus on paying off existing debt, according to a new pensions survey from Scottish Widows.

Projected retirement income is lower for women, according to the Prudential

One in six people retiring will rely solely on state pension

New research from the Prudential reveals that one in six peoplke retiring this year have no private pension provision and that the problem is worse for women.

The government has performed a u-turn over pension changes affecting women

PM in pensions u-turn to address concerns of women

An amendment will be made to the government's pension bill delaying by six months the timing of the increase of the state pension retirement age to 66.

The pension reforms bill was passed in a commons vote and will receive a second reading

Pension reform bill to get second reading

The coalition governments pension reform bill survived a parliamentary vote and will receive a second reading after the government won the vote by 302 votes to 232.

Government ministers have been criticised over the speed of pension reforms

State pension reforms criticised as unfair to women

Backbench MPs are urging the government to review the Pensions Bill over criticism that just a small minority of women will have to bear the brunt of the costs.

The government wants to simplify the pension system

Pension reforms will mean it 'pays to save'

Iain Duncan Smith, the Works and Pensions Secretary has said in a speech yesterday that "we have to make it crystal clear to young savers that it pays to save."

Iain Duncan Smith aims to simplify the pension system

IDS to announce £140 flat-rate pension plans

Iain Duncan Smith, the Works and Pensions Secretary, will announce today in a speech to Age UK that the pension system needs to be simplified and people encouraged to save for their retirement.

The ECJ ruling will mean higher car insurance costs for women

How the ECJ gender ruling will affect your insurance

Today's ruling from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that makes it unlawful to set different insurance premiums using gender as a basis will see women pay more for insurance.

Financial security is seen as the key to happiness in retirment, according to the poll.

Britons rank wealth above health for retirement happiness

Having financial security has been named the most important factor for a happy retirement in a new poll of British employees.

Women are not saving enough for retirement because they stop work to raise a family reserach has found

Mums face pension pot shortfall

Women are failing to save enough for their retirement compared to men because many stop work to have children.

Scottish Widows will be offering advice to women on their pensions

Women and pensions: webchat with Ian Naismith from Scottish Widows

Last month Scottish Widows' annual pensions research found that fewer women than men are saviing adequately for retirement.

Mind the gap over pensions

Pensions gender gap widens

Only 47 per cent of women are saving adequately for their retirement, compared to 59 per cent of men.

Pensions: Women saving less

Pensions: Women failing to save for retirement

The pension gap is growing with women failing to save for retirement.

Women are not contributing to pensions

Women fare worse in pensions

Women are not contributing to personal and occupational pensions, new figures reveal.

Most women think their pension will not give them enough money in retirement

Women's personal pension funds 'inadequate'

Most women in the UK think their personal pension fund will not offer them enough money in retirement.

The pensions bill has been published

Pensions bill published

After years of wrangling in public and private the future direction state and private pensions will take has been revealed.

Women still have far less pension savings than men

Women facing poverty in retirement

Despite plans to massively reform the UK pensions system, many women are still facing poverty in retirement.

Problems in the government's new pensions scheme were highlighted in a report out today

Pensions crisis not avoided yet

The government faces many hurdles if it is to avoid a pensions crisis, a report out today from a leading pensions provider reveals.

One man in 12 expects their other half to pay for their retirement

Men expect other halves to fund their retirement

One man in 12 expects their other half to pay for their retirement.

Women have been told to save for their retirement

Women told to save themselves from pension pain

Women need to save for their own retirement to avoid poverty in retirement, ministers have said today.

Fewer people are saving less money for their retirement than last year

Fewer people saving even less for retirement

Despite changes to the pension system, continued warnings about pensioner poverty, and ongoing public debate about the future of pensions, Britons are saving even less for retirement.

The government today launched its pensions white paper

Government launches pensions revolution

The government today launched what has been hailed as a revolution in UK pensions.

A new contribution system will boost pensions for women, the government claims

Government to focus on women in pension reforms

One of the top priorities in reforming pensions will be to address the gap between the retirement income of men and women, it has emerged.

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