Will Annual MOTs Be Scrapped in 2022?

Families across the UK are currently feeling the pinch, as a result of a growing financial crisis affecting household costs from grocery shopping to vehicle running costs. But some potential changes to legislation regarding car ownership have recently been leaked, which could present a significant change to the way we administrate our vehicles.

MOT Change Rumours

With your next MOT coming up, you may be fixing to book your next MOT online – but rumours regarding potential adjustments to the annual vehicle check suggest that the process could be subject to change. Reports circulated that MOT changes were floated at a Cabinet meeting in April, where prime minister Boris Johnson solicited unique solutions to the current cost-of-living crisis.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps was said to have suggested a switch from annual to bi-annual MOT checks. The move would mean that vehicles were only subject to testing once every two years, and would constitute a near-halving of average MOT costs to the average driver. Shapps was asked to comment on the suggestion, and neither confirmed nor denied that the change was on the table.

The Cost-of-Living Crisis

The proposed change allegedly arose as part of a brainstorming session by cabinet ministers, as they seek to contain the effects of a growing cost-of-living crisis. A number of long- and short-term triggers have coalesced into a perfect storm for the average consumer; the troubled Brexit trade agreement has seen goods shortages and inflated prices of consumer goods, while instability in Eastern Europe has caused energy and fuel bills to rise exponentially.

The Bank of England recently announced that the rate of inflation could reach as high as 10% later in the year, leading to growing fears of a stagflation crisis as wages fail to keep pace. In all, poorer households have been hit the hardest, as harrowing accounts of children eating one meal a day and elderly people riding the bus to stay warm continue to circulate. The change to MOT requirements would save owners of class 4 vehicles £27.42 per year on MOT fees, and offset MOT-compliant repairs for an additional year.

The Automotive Industry Responds

Response to the prospective change from drivers has been mixed, but key leaders in the automotive industry have warned against the implementation of changes to the frequency of MOTs.

The chief executive of the Society of Automotive Manufacturers and Traders, Mike Hawes, expressed concern over the proposal: “Stretching MOT intervals will undermine the safety net at a time when vehicle miles driven are increasing. To ensure the safety of our roads, drivers, passengers, pedestrians and other road users, inspections and maintenance must be carried out annually following their first presentation in year three.”

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