Why wedding insurance is vital for winter weddings

Tuesday, 21 August 2012 12:13

Winter weddings can be beautiful

Winter weddings can be beautiful

Summer weddings are very popular in the UK and it is not hard to understand why.

Clear blue skies, blazing sunshine and the bright colours of summer can make a wedding even more magical than normal and couples are very keen to tie the knot against such a backdrop.

However, this obsession with summer weddings means many couples fail to see the benefits of having their big day in the winter.

Winter weddings, as well as being cheaper in many ways, can be very romantic and if you intend to walk down the aisle in the near future, it is an idea worth exploring.

Roaring log fires, festive decorations and other winter staples can make your big day every bit as special as a summer wedding and if you have snow, the backdrop to your wedding can be truly stunning.

While snow can make your big day spectacular, it can also pose a number of problems.

The UK has seen some significant snowfall in recent winters which wreaked havoc across the country and if you want a winter wedding, this is something you need to bear in mind.

That is why it is so important that you take out wedding insurance, which will provide a valuable protection should adverse weather have a detrimental impact on your plans.

Georgina Way, from the Wedding Planner School, said recently that while wedding insurance is an essential purchase at any time of the year, it is especially important during the colder months.

"Wedding insurance is very important at any time, but especially when weather can bring a halt to plans and leave the bride and groom without vital suppliers or registrars," she stated.

The last part of this quote sums up exactly why wedding cover is so important.

We have seen in previous years how the UK struggles to deal with extensive snowfall, with road closures and damage to infrastructure bringing significant strife to many parts of the country.

If it transpired that your catering team could not make it to the venue or the venue itself had to close because of the adverse weather, you would be left with nothing to show for your money and your wedding day would be in tatters.

However, with the right insurance policy in place, you can rest assured that should insurmountable problems arise, your financial investment is protected.

While this will not take away the sadness of having to postpone your big day, it will mean that the money you have invested is not lost and can be used to have your big day another time.

Weddings in the UK can be very expensive and while tying the knot in winter can save you money, it is still likely to be a costly event.

Given the amount of money and time you are likely to spend, having a financial protection in place should something go wrong is essential.

In an ideal world, your wedding day will pass without any trouble and be the special occasion you have been dreaming about, however, the truth is that there is much that can go wrong, particularly where the UK's unpredictable weather is concerned.

Wedding insurance is designed to give you peace of mind that if something does happen beyond your control, the money you have spent is not lost for good.




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