If you are planning your wedding then you might want to consider getting married abroad. With Covid-19 enforced restrictions in the UK, some couples are opting to get married abroad.

Many websites that specialise in overseas weddings have photographs of couples on the beach set against a backdrop of turquoise water, glorious sunshine and swaying palm trees.

While it is true that many couples do head abroad to tie the knot against such a backdrop, it is by no means the standard picture of an overseas wedding.

In fact, new research from MarryAbroad.co.uk has shown that for many people, this is far from what is required.

The website surveyed venues and planners in ten different countries about the most popular emerging trends among Britons heading abroad to get married and revealed some surprising developments.

At this point, it is important to point out the need for you to purchase wedding insurance before you head abroad. An insurance policy can provide valuable protection should something go wrong, so it is an essential purchase.

Weekend weddings

Rather than cramming everything into one day, many couples are spreading things out and having the whole event over a couple of days.

Angela Valtuena, owner of Catalonia Weddings Boutique in Spain, said: “Generally, these couples like to have a welcome dinner or lunch the day before the wedding and a brunch the day after.”

Intimate ceremonies

With overseas weddings, it can be difficult for some people to attend, be it for cost or logistical reasons.

However, more and more UK couples are organising ceremonies with no more than three guests, with some not inviting anyone else at all.

In some cases, the photographer or wedding planner ends up being the witness to the event.


Historic cities such as Rome are becoming increasingly popular for weddings and a noticeable trend in recent times has been for couples to have a wedding procession through the centre of such cities, so the whole wedding party gets to explore the location.

Gabriella Salvato, co-owner of Italian planning firm Weddings & Co, said that he has seen an increase in such requests.

“They want their guests to walk along the streets of Siena, Perugia or Rome, accompanied by a musician, all the way to the church or town hall,” she noted.

Wine and food tasting

Giving guests the opportunity to sample local delicacies while they wait for the bride and groom to arrive has become a popular addition to many overseas weddings.

Rather than it be as part of the whole wedding dinner, couples are keen for such tastings to be a standalone part of their day, Ms Salvato added.

Photographer over a videographer

In recent years there has been a trend for many UK couples to hire a videographer to put together a film of their big day. In some cases, this is instead of a photographer, while others like to have both in attendance.

With regards to overseas weddings, it seems that the traditional photographer is the preference, according to the research.

What this survey shows is that overseas weddings are not all about sun-kissed beaches and swaying palm trees and that your big day can be whatever you want it to be.

Whether you want a weekend ceremony or only a small event with two or three guests in attendance, what is vital is that you take out a wedding insurance policy to protect your investment.

Budget Saving

For parents getting married, there is the added bonus of buying high quality childrens clothing than can be worn again and again rather than the one off occasion.