Who can I speak to about pension cash funds?

Friday, 12 August 2011 03:07

Who can I speak to about pension cash funds?

Who can I speak to about pension cash funds?

When it comes to clearing personal or business debt, investing in your company's future or simply raising some additional money, opting to cash a pension may be a consideration. But where can you get advice on this process?

As it is your future finances you are considering using to get back into the black, perhaps the first people you should turn to are your partner and family, rather than shouldering the burden alone.

They will be able to help you weigh up the pros and cons of taking such action given your personal circumstances.

Of course, it is vital to start planning future finances early but there are times when what is happening in the here and now is more pressing and your loved ones may agree with you that it makes sense to sell a pension or release cash from it in order to get back into the black, rather than continue to struggle.

After all, you can begin contributing to your retirement vehicle as soon as you are ready, it just means you are on a slightly more firm fiscal footing when you do so.

Once you have done this you can make a move towards seeking a little more expert guidance on getting cash from a pension.

The internet can be a rich resource of fiscal information relating to a whole variety of money matters.

However, you should proceed with caution when it comes to relying on it for guidance. It is always sensible to check out a site's credentials and find out whether it is regulated in any way.

In addition, you should ascertain whether it is affiliated with a third party that may have products to sell. For an unbiased source of information you could use a government-sponsored website.

Alternatively, you may wish to seek the services of an independent financial advisor.

Again, find out first what qualifications they have and whether they are acting on behalf of anyone so that you can be certain the recommendations you receive are impartial, and also tailored to your individual situation.

But when you are looking for advice on selling or unlocking your retirement finance early, perhaps one of the most sensible places to turn for help is to a team of specialist planners with a thorough knowledge of pension cash funds.

A group like this may well have helped many people in exactly the same situation as you to get their hands on the money that belongs to them but is locked up in a later-life finance vehicle.

They will have the information you need to access up to 100 per cent of it, tax-free.

As this is a completely legal option that you are not obligated to take advantage of should you not wish after your first meeting, you may feel content to meet with such planners alone.

However, if you want a little expert support, you are also free to bring along your financial advisor, solicitor or accountant with you. The planners will work alongside your existing team of fiscal experts in a supplementary capacity.

All of this leaves you with only one more consideration – how will you use the money?

Unfortunately, this is where you might have to rely on your own judgement, but you could utilise the cash to clear your debts or those attached to your business. You could also use it to give your company a cash boost or even to buy a corporate venture.

The choice is yours, so why not find out more about cashing in pension schemes today?



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